Introduction to Gateway Hub

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Gateway Hub is part of ITRS Group’s strategy to provide operational resilience through better monitoring with Geneos. It provides storage and analytics capabilities to make real-time monitoring easier and more insightful.

Gateway Hub also provides operational resilience through enhanced automation, intelligent predictive solutions, lower operational costs, and helps to prevent costly outages.

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The main benefits of Gateway Hub are:

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Leveraging historical data with Gateway Hub allows smarter rules, for example by taking into account cyclical variations, rather than simple thresholds. Historical data can also be used to determine “normality” and establish baselines, as well as detecting anomalies and correlations between metrics. This also allows you to investigate why an incident occurred and prevent it from happening again.

Scalable big data storage of metrics and events Copied

Before Gateway Hub, historic data was only available through SQL database logging. However, this approach is not suited to the huge volumes of data being processed today which forces users to choose a subset of their metrics to log. This can make investigating incidents more difficult if the relevant data has not been stored.

With Gateway Hub, all data can be reliably stored using advanced compression to keep costs to a minimum, and retrieved using an Open API. This allows for better incident investigation and enables more effective monitoring through the use of historical baselines and trends.

A new web-based UI Copied

Gateway Hub also provides the platform for the Web Console, a new web-based UI accessed through the browser.

The Web Console is a modern, attractive UI designed to support much larger estates than Active Console. It also provides simpler ways of creating dashboards and data visualisation, and does not require additional packages to install or keep updated.

Support for much larger and cloud estates Copied

The architecture of Gateway Hub sets the scene for monitoring at significantly larger scale, and is built from the ground up to support more elastic and cloud based environments. Its clustered architecture also provides greater resilience than before.

Open APIs Copied

Gateway Hub is designed for interoperability and is driven entirely through APIs for easy integration with other applications. Data can also be published to an external Kafka instance providing full access to Geneos data.

Centralised configuration Copied

The amount of monitoring in a typical estate has dramatically increased over the last few years and so has the administrative burden. Gateway Hub alleviates this issue by providing the tools and infrastructure for administering centrally. As well as making it quicker and simpler to manage Geneos at scale, centralised configuration allows policies and best practices to be encouraged or enforced at enterprise scale.

Architecture Copied

Gateway Hub is designed to sit alongside the traditional Geneos components. Data is published from the Gateway into Gateway Hub where it can be retrieved by Active Console, Web Console, and third party clients via REST API:

In the longer term, functionality from Gateways will be updated and centralised in Gateway Hub, allowing better performance and significantly easier administration of Geneos at scale.

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