Introduction to Geneos Web Console

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This page introduces the general characteristics of the Geneos Web Console in the Gateway Hub architecture. For more information, see Architecture in Introduction to Gateway Hub.

Experienced users may wish to skip ahead to other specific guides and open Access Geneos Web Console to know more information.

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The Geneos Web Console is a key component to simplify and modernise the Geneos user interface, allowing easy monitoring of significantly larger scaled enterprises.

It is accessed through a web browser and is served from Gateway Hub.

Web Console has added many features, as well as easy-to-use tools for real-time monitoring, creating dashboards to quickly visualise your estate, and perform advanced filtering to monitor your data. These functionalities provided by Web Console will continue to evolve with subsequent releases of Geneos as components are updated, and more are introduced to the new stack.

Although current functionality centres around Gateway Hub administration, the Web Console will complement, and ultimately replace, Active Console and Gateway Setup Editor.

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The Geneos Web Console has the following key features:

Real-time monitoring Copied

The Web Console monitoring brings a brand new look for real-time monitoring, to supplement the Active Console. You can monitor the status of entities and their related metrics in the Web Console.

This includes the ability to see historical data for additional context, and incident investigation when metric and event history is enabled in the Gateway Hub. The Metrics list displays a real-time view of all metrics sorted by severity status.

For more information, see Monitoring.

Advanced filtering Copied

Advanced filtering lets you use the Filters syntax to easily find your entities in large enterprise environments.

Using the Web Console, you can monitor the attributes, metrics, and events of the selected entity. For more information, see Entity overview.

Visualise data and metrics Copied

Web Console also allows you to visualise the entities across your monitored estate with grouping and filtering capabilities to customise your view.

For more information, see Dashboards.

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Now that you have a basic understanding about Web Console, you may want to view the other topics to get started:

You may also click About ITRS Geneos Web Console in the Web Console side panel to access the online help and view the information about the current Gateway Hub version, build date, and environment.

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