Validate an install

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Once you have installed Gateway Hub, you can validate the installation in several ways:

Query the REST address Copied

Use a browser, a dedicated client such as Postman, or curl -k in the command line, to query the REST address followed by /v0/ping. The default REST address is https://<hostname>:8081/.


If the installation is successful, this returns 200 OK, and no output.

Access the Geneos Web Console Copied

View the Geneos Web Console by entering https://<hostname>:<port> in a web browser, replacing <hostname> with the hostname of the Gateway Hub server. Replace <port> with the Web Console port, the default is 8443.


If the installation is successful, the page shows the Geneos Web Console.

For more information about the Web Console, see Geneos Web Console.

Enable self monitoring Copied

Each Gateway Hub node runs an internal Netprobe and Collection Agent to collect metrics on its own performance.

You can connect a Gateway to the internal Netprobe to monitor Gateway Hub from your Active Console. You must connect to each node individually. To do this, follow the steps in Gateway Hub self monitoring.

To use Gateway Hub self monitoring you must have an up to date licence that includes the required tokens to use the following plugins:

["Geneos"] ["Geneos > Gateway Hub"] ["Technical Reference"]

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