A scenario is the combination of a , your goal for the IT infrastructure that view represents, plus a list of operations to change that view to be able to meet that goal. It is where you represent the changes that are required in the IT infrastructure you want to change. Saved within , it is a reference that you can revisit to get it to a perfect state for your needs.

You build a scenario by adding operations to a timeline to simulate future actions which you might take to improve your IT infrastructure. Examples of operations are migrations, upgrades, and decommissioning of existing entities. You can then review the progression of each scenario along the timeline.

When creating a Forward Thinking scenario, you need to have a Baseline View that you can use as the basis of your scenario. To learn more, see Baseline View overview.

Create a scenario Copied

To create a Forward Thinking scenario, follow these steps:

  1. On Forward Thinking dashboard, click Create a new scenario.
  2. Select which Baseline View should be used as your starting point. You can do one of the following:
    • Select Default view if you do not have any Baseline View created yet. This will use the default setup.
    • Select an existing and customised Baseline View. Using a saved Baseline View as your starting point gets you looking at the areas of the IT infrastructure you know you want to be focused on right away.
  3. Enter the name for your scenario and click Create scenario.

A new Forward Thinking scenario model opens. You can start changing it to meet your requirements.

Save changes as a new scenario Copied

All the changes that you make in your scenario model are saved automatically. You can also save your scenario model as a new scenario under a different name. To do it, follow the steps:

  1. From the application menu bar, select Scenario > Save as new scenario. A dialog box prompts you to name your new scenario.
  2. Enter the name for your new scenario. Maximum number of characters in the name is 40.
  3. Click Save.

A new Forward Thinking scenario model opens. You can start changing it to meet your requirements.

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