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This page contains the list of highlights that have been introduced in the all-new Obcerv.

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Dynamic and predictive dashboards

Uncover key insights from critical monitoring data through Obcerv's beautifully designed dashboards. With Obcerv, you can create native and Grafana dashboards, and then easily share them with others. It's convenient to quickly view visualisations and track metrics on the go.

Built-in forecasting algorithms also provide you with predictive intelligence from historic data analysis.

Simplified log investigation

With the ability to store and analyse log data and metrics together in Obcerv, you will get a long view of problems that may arise in your IT estate. With easy access to logs before, during, and after critical errors occur, Obcerv helps you with root cause analysis to prevent problems in the future. From a focus on error monitoring, you now have the tools for proactive error prevention.

Smart and sensible alerts

As a "monitor of monitors", Obcerv correlates data and consolidates alerts from different systems and sources so you can mitigate technological and operational risks. With the Obcerv classification system, you can group alerts by their common traits so it's easier to understand their context.

Alerts are fully configurable. You can also identify and reconfigure rules and thresholds to help reduce alert fatigue.

Flexible and affordable data storage

Take control over which data to publish on the Obcerv platform. From the huge amount of collected monitoring data, only store and analyse data that make sense for your needs. Metadata tagging also provides dimensionality to your stored data. Along with data compression, all these can significantly lower your data storage costs.

You can also easily install, expand, and manage the deployment of Obcerv by leveraging Kubernetes extensibility.