Enhanced Collector Management with easy upgrades and a better interface

Remote Collectors can now be registered and upgraded to later versions directly from the user interface, without the need for command-line access. This makes the upgrade process more convenient and efficient, as you can track the progress of the upgrade in the UI and view any upgrade activities that are logged.

Replacing the Monitoring Collectors page, the Collector Management page has been revamped to ensure that all elements in the UI are aligned and styled consistently, making the page more visually appealing and easier to use.

Increased visibility into your IT infrastructure with Infrastructure Agent

The ITRS Infrastructure Agent is a new way to monitor your IT infrastructure. It can be installed on servers running either Windows or Linux. The Infrastructure Agent can be used to monitor a wide range of systems. It can be extended with additional plugins from third-party sources or developed in-house, making it even more versatile.

Additionally, new and more secure ciphers have been added to the agent, which further enhances its security. The Infrastructure Agent can import configuration from the old Opsview Agents, which means that your settings for allowed hosts, port numbers, and command configuration will be imported into the new agent.

Unified monitoring with Opsview and Uptrends integration

Opsview, the leading IT infrastructure monitoring solution, and Uptrends, the leading digital experience monitoring solution, have announced a new integration that provides organizations with total observability.

With the integration, Opsview customers can now monitor their IT infrastructure and Uptrends digital experience from a single pane of glass. This gives organizations unprecedented visibility into the health and performance of their entire IT environment, from the infrastructure that supports it to the applications and services that users experience. The integration is easy to set up and use. Opsview customers can simply add Uptrends as a monitoring source in Opsview, and then start monitoring their Uptrends digital experience from within Opsview.

Enhanced visualization with NetFlow dashlet

NetFlow Trend dashlet visualizes network traffic flows, which can help identify bottlenecks and performance issues. Two new dashlets, Receivers Protocol Trend and Transmitters Protocol Trend, have been released. The ability to select historical time ranges has also been added to some dashlets.

Improved Host Interfaces dashlet for better monitoring

The Host Interface dashlet provides visibility into the status of network interfaces, which can help identify potential hardware failures. This dashlet shows the speed, throughput, discards, and errors for each SNMP interface configured on monitored Hosts.

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