Obcerv Compatibility Matrix

Supported versions Copied

An Obcerv deployment is composed of multiple, independently versioned and upgradable components. You should consult the documentation for a component when upgrading it for detailed compatibility information.

Helm chart versions for Obcerv Platform Copied

The following Helm chart versions are the latest for the Obcerv Platform:

Component chart Version
itrs/obcerv-operator 2.5.0
itrs/obcerv 2.5.0

Helm chart versions for Obcerv Apps Copied

The following Helm chart versions are the latest for Obcerv apps, which are mutually compatible with each other as well as with the Obcerv Platform:

Component chart Version
itrs/obcerv-app-alerting 2.3.0
itrs/obcerv-app-api-gateway 2.2.0
itrs/obcerv-app-capacity-planner 2.2.0
itrs/obcerv-app-centralised-config 2.1.0
itrs/obcerv-app-entities 1.1.0
itrs/obcerv-app-fixmonitor 2.4.0
itrs/obcerv-app-grafana 2.1.0
itrs/obcerv-app-ingestion 1.1.0
itrs/obcerv-app-notifications 3.2.0
itrs/obcerv-app-query-service 2.3.0
itrs/obcerv-app-signal-forecaster 2.3.0
itrs/obcerv-app-system-overview 2.3.0
itrs/obcerv-app-webconsole 2.2.0

Capacity Planner Copied

When configuring the Capacity Planner app, ensure the target Capacity Planner instance is running the latest version.

Third-party support Copied

Grafana Copied

The obcerv-grafana-datasource is compatible with Grafana versions 9.5.3 and later.

Kubernetes Copied

Refer to the table below for which Kubernetes versions are compatible with the Obcerv Platform.

Kubernetes version Obcerv Platform 2.0.x Obcerv Platform 2.1.x Obcerv Platform 2.2.x Obcerv Platform 2.3.x Obcerv Platform 2.4.x Obcerv Platform 2.5.x
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