Obcerv Platform 2.x Release Notes

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Obcerv Platform release notes contain the list of new features and known issues in the Obcerv Platform.

For the latest highlights, see What’s New in Obcerv.

Before you install Obcerv, make sure to review the Obcerv Compatibility Matrix. For details on installation, administration, and usage, you may refer to Obcerv Documentation.

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Obcerv Platform 2.1.0 Copied

Released: 23 January 2024

New features and enhancements Copied

These are the new features and enhancements of this release:

Issue key Release description
HP-1786 The Obcerv Operator now prevents Obcerv Platform upgrades that skip a required incremental upgrade.
HP-2017 Upgraded slf4j and logback to the latest versions.
HP-2089 All matching time series are now fetched from GetMetrics/GetDownsampledMetrics/GetHistograms.

Issues fixed Copied

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Release description
HP-2227 Fixed an issue where Timescale pod termination can take too long when backups are enabled.
HP-2231 An SQL exception no longer occurs in GetMetrics/GetDsMetrics/GetHistograms when applying an entity filter with a hierarchy.
HP-2251 Collection Agent startup now skips malformed entry in the workflow store.

Obcerv Platform 2.0.1 Copied

Released: 21 December 2023

Issues fixed Copied

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Release description
HP-2229 The pre-upgrade drain job no longer runs when updating the Obcerv Platform and the version remains the same or does not require draining.
HP-2234 Fixed an issue that caused upgrades to fail when entities have status metrics and attributes with identical namespaces and names.
HP-2243 Fixed an issue where a missing entity_attributes relation caused the timescale-schema job to fail during an Obcerv Platform upgrade.

Obcerv Platform 2.0.0 Copied

Released: 4 December 2023


Obcerv Platform version 2.0.0 requires you to uninstall and reinstall all your Obcerv apps to their latest versions. See Obcerv Compatibility Matrix.

Highlights Copied

These are the highlights of this release:

New features and enhancements Copied

These are the new features and enhancements of this release:

Issue key Release description
HP-19 Metric query result limits.
HP-1367 Audit entity matching performance with RBAC and possibly refactor.
HP-1568 Added an API call to retrieve the current obcerv version.
HP-1577 Added the rate function to BucketFunction options.
HP-1590 Added the Obcerv Platform configuration service.
HP-1615 API and data model for Pivot tables.
HP-1652 New Final Entity Stream implementation bringing better performance and horizontal scalability.
HP-1666 Refactored the SQL query used by licensed to collect entity counts.
HP-1669 Completed the migration to paginated APIs.
HP-1672 Implemented the paginated version of EntityService’s query API called getEntities.
HP-1678 Upgraded Kafka to version 3.4.1.
HP-1691 Upgraded to Keycloak 22.0.1 to address security vulnerabilities.
HP-1712 Signal timeline support for bucketed and non-bucketed timelines.
HP-1751 Upgraded Timescale to version 2.11.x and Postgres to version 14.9.
HP-1787 Resolved duplicate Kubernetes labels collected by the Prom and Kubernetes plugins.
HP-1794 Implemented ingress normalization.
HP-1809 Patroni usage and configuration audit.
HP-1833 Deprecated severity in snooze events.
HP-1880 Added support for EntityFilter in signal service query APIs.
HP-1882 The Obcerv Collection Agent image now has privileged filesystem access and can be run as a non-root user.
HP-1883 Decreased excessive LinkerD resource allocation requests and limits.
HP-1899 The DPD now utilizes downsampled streams.
HP-1919 Rounded off datapoint nanosecond timestamps to nearest microsecond at ingestion time.
HP-1920 Added the Obcerv Platform status service.
HP-1945 Eviction configuration can now be changed at runtime.
HP-1989 Included the cluster name dimension in data points from Kubernetes, statsd, and prometheus plugins.
HP-1990 Upgraded PL/Java library to version 1.6.5 and added the jdk.unsupported JRE module.
HP-1994 Allowed for new global configuration defaults to override previous defaults.
HP-2004 Removed OP5 ingestion support.
HP-2010 Expression evaluator: added expression introspection to determine whether the expression uses attributes.
HP-2018 Improved grouping of containment rules.
HP-2043 The Obcerv Operator now generates strong passwords for default users during installation.
HP-2076 GetAttributeHistory paging uses token instead of offset.
HP-2082 MetricQueryService’s grouping by dimension is now case-sensitive.
HP-2088 Improved handling of and defense against repeated ingestion authentication failures.
HP-2130 Refactored ingestion validation.
HP-2193 Disabled PG synchronous commits for metrics insertion.

Issues fixed Copied

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Release description
HP-1562 Fixed an issue where GetNames calls with time filters were slow.
HP-1637 Out of order metrics cause DS metrics stream performance degradation.
HP-1691 Upgraded Keycloak to version 22.0.1 to address security vulnerabilities.
HP-1720 Fixed an issue where metric queries without an entity filter could return metrics for entities that are marked for deletion.
HP-1738 Fixed an issue where the upgrade did not finish if the license was expired.
HP-1817 Fixed validation of data point dimensions, namespaces, and names in the entity service.
HP-1831 Snooze events no longer have a severity.
HP-1875 The Signal service now validates timestamps of published signals.
HP-2020 Fixed validation of data point dimensions, namespaces, and names in the signals service.
HP-2021 Fixed an issue where the iam-grafana-setup job failed when reinstalling grafana.
HP-2058 Fixed an issue where the Expression Evaluator rendered incorrect output for expressions/comparison with EQUALS.
HP-2059 Fixed an issue where the DS Stream used incorrect start/end timestamps when processing old buckets.
HP-2064 Fixed an issue where IES should publish inactive platform entities without an update-timestamp-ns property.
HP-2091 Fixed an issue where signal stream filters were able to support a signal or reference filter term with only namespace or name, but not both.
HP-2106 Fixed an issue where there was a missing button in the Keycloak login theme that should allow login with OIDC when user federation is enabled.


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