Geneos 5.x Security Updates

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This page contains security updates for all Geneos 5.x releases.

To learn more about the supported Geneos versions and new features in the Geneos 5.x release, see the following documents:

Geneos 5.14.x Copied

Issue Key CVE Number CVE Severity Description Affected Components Fix Version
COL-11350 CVE-2023-38545 Critical The libcurl version has been updated to version 8.5.0 to address the critical security vulnerability: CVE-2023-38545. Netprobe 5.14.7
COL-12023 CVE-2023-0286 (BDSA-2023-0226) High The Geneos components have been upgraded to OpenSSL version 1.1.t to address the security vulnerability: CVE-2023-0286 (BDSA-2023-0226). Netprobe 5.14.7
UTL-1267 BDSA-2019-4014 Minor The Apache Xerces C++ library has been upgraded to 3.2.5 to address the security vulnerability: BDSA-2019-4014. Netprobe 5.14.7
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