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Obcerv 1.x Compatibility Matrix

Supported versions

An Obcerv deployment is composed of multiple, independently versioned and upgradable components. You should consult the documentation for a component when upgrading it for detailed compatibility information.

The following Helm chart versions for the operator and apps are mutually compatible:

Component chart Version
itrs/obcerv-operator 1.2.2
itrs/obcerv 1.1.2
itrs/obcerv-app-webconsole 1.1.0
itrs/obcerv-app-api-gateway 1.0.0
itrs/obcerv-app-grafana 1.0.0
itrs/obcerv-app-overview 1.1.0
itrs/obcerv-app-alerting 1.0.0
itrs/obcerv-app-query-service 1.1.2
itrs/obcerv-app-capacity-planner 1.0.0

Capacity Planner

When configuring the Capacity Planner app, ensure the target Capacity Planner instance is running the latest version.

Third-party app support


The obcerv-grafana-datasource is compatible with Grafana versions 8.3.0 and later.