OP5 Monitor comes with an dokuwiki that gives you a great way to document both your environment and things related to your monitored systems.

Edit a wiki page

To edit an existing page, go to the page you want to edit and select 'Edit this page' in the top right corner. A backup of the previous page will automatically be created.

Format a wiki page

You can format your text by using wiki markup:

Description Format
Italic //italic//
Bold *bold*
Underline _underline_
Bold & Italic *//italic//*
Headings of different levels

==== Headline Level 3 ====
=== Headline Level 4 ===
== Headline level 5 ==

For more information about formatting text please go to

More information about how to use the dokuwiki in OP5 Monitor can be found in OP5 Monitor Administrator Manual or at