The GUI in OP5 Monitor is built to be as simple as possible to use. In this chapter the different parts of the GUI is described.

Login and logout

Logging in to OP5 Monitor

  1. Point your browser to the portal page of your OP5 Monitor server (https://yourserver/)
  2. Click OP5 Monitor.
    Enter your login and password.
  3. Click Login

Logging out from OP5 Monitor

To log out from OP5 Monitor, hover your profile in the upper right corner and click Log out in the drop-down.

In-line help

The in-line help feature offers you quick information on the OP5 Monitor.

Get information from the in-line help

  1. Click the help icon
  2. This gives you a small frame containing the help text.

  3. Click anywhere outside the help text to hide it.

Main menu

The navigation in OP5 Monitor can be found in the top of the GUI. There are five main sections, seen from the left.

  • Branding (About menu)
  • Dashboards
  • Monitor
  • Report
  • Manage
  • There are also quicklinks next to the menu which may be populated on a per-user basis
    By default they contain:

  • Settings
  • Unhandled host problems
  • Unhandled service problems
  • Add quicklink

Add custom quickbar link

To add a custom link to the quickbar menu, select the small manage quickbar menu icon to right of the quickbar.

Then, add the URI, name and icon for your custom link

Pop up graphs and comments

In every view where you find the icons for:

  • graphs
  • comments

You can hover the mouse pointer over the icon and get a pop up looking like this:

Mouse over host

To quickly show the host address of a host, hold the mouse over the hostname. A pop-up will appear with the host address.