Logger Interface


In the OP5 Filters interface you can:

  • Search messages in database.
  • Search messages in archive.

Logger uses filters for selecting the data to show, these are described in the Filters chapter.

Logger GUI

To access Logger, click Log Messages in the Monitor menu

The GUI uses List views and Columns in List views to filter the messages.


The filters can be built based on the following fields

Filter Description
id The ID of the message in the database, this is not shown in the GUI by default
ip The IP of the source host
rtime Received time of the message
facility The facility of the message
severity The severity of the message
mtime The time stated within the message
host The host name of the source
ident Ident (Identity) string within the message
pid The PID of the source process
event The Event ID, mainly used in messages from Windows sources
msg The message text


The columns in Logger can be modified in the same way as the rest of the list views, see the List views chapter.

Search archive

To perform a search in the archived logs, go to Logger in the monitoring menu.

  1. Create a filter or leave the filter blank to search for all messages.
  2. Click on Run query on Archive in the upper right corner.
  3. Select a start and stop time.
  4. Click on Run query on archive.

Success: This creates a report on the specified filter.