Monitor Equallogic Devices


To monitor hardware and system status of Dell Equallogic devices you must install a third-party check plugin. The plugin of choice in this matter is "check_equalogic", created by Claudio Kuntzler.

The latest version of the check plugin is available here and a pre-built management pack can be downloaded from the "Contributed management packs" section of the knowledge base.

Plugin installation

It's pretty easy to accomplish this:

  • Download the plugin from the link above
  • Move it to the "/opt/plugins/custom" directory on the Monitor server
  • Create check commands in OP5 Monitor for manual configuration or install the management pack.
  • Example check commands can be found here or below

Creating the check Command

The following is an example of a check command configuration:

$USER1$/custom/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -C '$ARG1$' -t 
$ARG2$ -w $ARG3$ -c $ARG4$ 

Adding a service

The check plugin can monitor many aspects of the Equallogic devices. In this example we will configure monitoring of hard drive health.

Create a new service on the Equallogic host and add the following configuration parameters:

Service Name: Disk Status
check_command: check_equalogic
check_command_args: public!disk