Supported Versions for OP5 Monitor and Dates for EOL


We support each major release of ITRS OP5 Monitor for 18 months from the release date and we maintain the last minor release of the most recent major releases.

Release Types

The version numbers consist of three digits: Major.Minor.Micro.

We continuously introduce new releases, which are normally considered Micro releases. In rare cases build versions are used if the micro release does not fulfil our internal QA and a new build has to be created. 

The releases can contain bug fixes, change of functions, or one or the other. When there have been enough micro releases that changed the user experience significantly or we introduce new features, we bump a Minor version number.Major versions provide us with an opportunity to introduce features and break backwards compatibility.

Active maintenance of a minor release implies that we are fixing bugs and backporting some number of fixes into that code branch.

Maintenance Policy

We maintain the most recent Minor release from the current Major release branch and the most recent Minor release from the prior Major release branch. Some users upgrade frequently and stay up to date with our release branch. These users can stay with the latest minor release branch, e.g. follow our releases with 8.0.0, 8.0.1, 8.1.0, etc.

Not all users upgrade as soon as we release. For such users, we maintain the last Minor of the previous Major release series. For example, with Monitor 7.x, we are maintaining the 7.5.x series for several months. This lets those users obtain fixes while making only minor changes to their deployments. This last minor will be maintained until the release of the second subsequent major version. For example, Monitor 7.5.x will be maintained until the GA release of Monitor 9.0.0. At the release of Monitor 9.0.0, we will continue to maintain the last 8.x series, and begin maintaining the 9.0.x minor series, then 9.1.x series, then 9.2.x series of minor releases. From time to time we may backport fixes to other minor release branches. E.g, a critical security bug might be ported to multiple branches. We will use our discretion in deciding to do this, but expect it to be very infrequent.

Maintenance Table

The following table is a simplified description of the above policy.

ITRS OP5 Monitor EOL Date Maintained Until
6.3.x 2015-09-02 8.0.0
7.1.x 2016-04-06 7.2.0
7.2.x 2016-09-16 7.3.0
7.3.x 2018-02-23 7.4.0
7.4.x 2019-03-05 7.5.0
7.5.x TBD 9.0.0
8.0.x TBD 8.1.0
8.1.x TBD 8.2.0
8.2.x TBD 8.3.0
8.3.x TBD 8.4.0
8.4.x TBD 10.0.0

x - represents the latest micro version in a corresponding minor stream.