User interface

The Ninja project is an effort to develop an alternative Nagios gui with the aim of being the most useful Open Source web front end for Nagios. You will be able to use them as a combination or replacement to the existing Nagios CGI's. Ninja is in steady development so we would love to get your input, ideas or most preferably patches.

Brief description of Ninja

  • Create New PHP versions of the existing.cgi'switheffortput into removing "obvious problems" such as:
    • Lack of good search and filtering. Today's host search can be so much better.
    • Scalability. Ways to present large data sets, host lists, service lists.
  • Template/skin support for easy customization of look and feel.
  • Support for several databases.
  • Session based authentication with support for common auth protocols.

Non-functional requirements (other stuff that we think about)

  • Offer similar or better functionality than the existingcgi's
  • Be contributor friendly
  • Be scalable enough to support gigantic installations, good performance.
  • Be easy to extend with other Nagios addonssuch as pnp4nagios, nagvis.

Get Ninja from git

  • Browse and download the code by from Github. Note that you need a recent Merlin version for Ninja to function properly.

Get involved - Contribute to the Ninja project

It is easy to get involved in the Ninja project and to contribute!

  • Start using the code and if you like what you see, help by spreading the word on blogs and forums.
  • Post your comments and feedback here.
  • Sign up at the op5-users mailing list to join the conversation and help other users byansering questions.where you can follow the project and contribute your code and bugfixes. (The mailing list is it's not a project specific).
  • If you find a bug you can report the bug here.

Change Log

The changelog for Ninja is mostly kept in git at the moment. Check out the change log here.

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