OP5 Trapper Manual


OP5 Monitor can receive standard SNMP traps. Adding the SNMP Rule Based Trap Handler to your OP5 Monitor provides advanced tool for processing traps:

  • Storing traps in a local database, which allows intelligent handling of filters and rules
  • Handling status changes, such as noting a status change when complex rules or user intervention request the change
  • Building your own filters and rules. Example:
    • If trap A arrives within X minutes of receiving trap B, then the object's status is not OK; Otherwise receiving trap A sets the status to OK.
  • Saving status states between multiple traps
  • Handling traps as passive checks within Monitor
  • Storing alarms and events, thereby tracking them for various reports (SLA, event, and availability)


The terms `trap` from SNMP v1 and `notification` from SNMP v2 and v3 will be used interchangeably throughout this manual, except in places where one or the other is stated explicitly. For the sake of readability, our examples will be short and mock SNMP OIDs such as ".1.1", ".1.2", ".1.3". Once you configure your own implementation, please substitute valid OIDs instead.