In this chapter, we will present some debugging tactics to troubleshoot problems in OP5 Monitor.


A log file is a file that records either events that occur in an operating system or other software runs or messages between different users of communication software. This information is very useful when you need to troubleshoot. However, it might generate a lot of data depending on the configured log level. This text will also cover which logfiles contain which type of information.

We have based the paths presented below on an RHEL 6 or CentOS 6 installation. There may be differences on RHEL 7 or CentOS 7, so we are revising as we move the Monitor Appliance to that version.

Log Files

The table shows the available modules and their log files.

Note that enabling Reference will add a reference to the concerned file into the log message. Please be aware that this is a costly operation, and that it only applies to configuration files in '/etc/op5':

Monitor aspect Module Log configuration file Default logfile path Default debug level Default reference* Content
Authentication & Authorization Auth /etc/op5/log.yml /var/log/op5/auth.log Error True PHP errors.
Business service Synergy /etc/op5/log.yml


Error True PHP errors.
Business service Synergy /opt/synergy/etc/config.lua See Syslog. See Syslog. See Syslog. Only on/off configuration available, everything else managed by syslog-ng.
Configuration Nacoma /etc/op5/log.yml


Error True PHP errors.
GUI Ninja /etc/op5/log.yml


Error True PHP errors.
HTTP API HTTP API /etc/op5/log.yml


Error True PHP errors.
MayI MayI /etc/op5/log.yml


Error False PHP errors.
SMS - /etc/smsd.conf /var/log/smsd/smsd.log Notice  
SMS /etc/smsd.conf /var/log/smsd/smsd_trouble.log Notice - Only available if smart_logging is enabled. Smart_logging creates a separate log file for errors in order to clearly
Syslog   /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf


Distribution and Load Balancing Merlin /opt/monitor/op5/merlin/merlin.conf


Info - Merlin communication and module logs.

Log levels

These tables show the logging levels and labels. Each level will automatically include all less granular levels. That is: if the debug level is set to Warning, then Warning, Error, and Critical events will all be logged.


Level Label Description
1 Error Errors that have already occurred.
2 Warning Potentially harmful situations.
3 Notice Informational message.
4 Debug Fine-grained informational events.


Level Label Description
7 Debug All AT commands and modem answers and other detailed information useful for debugging
6 Info Information regarding current occurrences. Not detailed enough for debugging but maybe interesting.
5 Notice Information regarding when a message was received or sent and when something not normal happens but program still works fine (for example wrong destination number in SMS file).
4 Warning Warning message when the program has a problem sending a single short message.
3 Error Error message when the program has temporary problem (for example modem answered with ERROR during initialization or a file can not be accessed).
2 Critical Error message when the program has a permanent problem (for example sending failed on multiple occurrences or wrong permissions to a queue).


Level Label Description
0 emerg System is unusable.
1 alert Action must be taken immediately.
2 crit Critical conditions.
3 err Error conditions.
4 warning

Warning conditions.

5 notice

Normal but significant condition.

6 info Informational.
7 debug Debug-level messages.


Business Services

The two most significant configuration files to manage to log for business services: '/etc/op5/log.yml' and '/opt/synergy/etc/config.lua'.

Synergy default in '/etc/op5/log.yml'
...synergy: file: /var/log/op5/synergy.log level: error reference: true...

To change from default to debug, edit '/etc/op5/log.yml' as follows:

Synergy debug logging for '/etc/op5/log.yml'
...synergy: file: /var/log/op5/synergy.log level: debug reference: true...

Default configuration for /opt/synergy/etc/config.lua:

Synergy default in '/opt/op5/etc/config.lua'
... -- If true logs debugging to syslog debug = false,...

Open '/opt/synergy/etc/config.lua' in any editor and change the settings to:

Synergy debug settings in '/opt/synergy/etc/config.lua'
... -- If true logs debugging to syslog debug = true,...

If you would like to change the default syslog-ng log levels, edit '/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf'.
Caveat: this requires a deeper understanding of syslog-ng's filters than this document can cover.

Restart synergy and syslog-ng:

service synergy restart
service syslog-ng restart

Remember to restore the original settings and restart the services when you no longer need to troubleshoot.