Managing Wiki Pages


OP5 Monitor includes a wiki, which can be used for documenting any host or service, including hostgroups and service groups. It will generate individual pages for each. It also has built-in versioning, so you can view and track changes in wiki pages and restore an older version. You can use the wiki to document:

  • hardware information, serial numbers, and other information about a host or service;
  • workflows;
  • how to act when there is a problem with a host or service.

The official Dokuwiki manual can be found here:

Creating a wiki page

To create a wiki page for a host or service:

  1. Go to the host, service, hostgroup, or servicegroup where you seek to create a page;
  2. Click the wrench icon to edit the page;
  3. Click on the Advanced tab;
  4. Scroll down to 'notes_url' and click Use wiki. This will add a notes URL to a wiki page:
  5. Here are some default locations that clicking the button will generate. Note that each of these consider the Apache root content page as their root (that is: "/var/www/html"):

    object notes URL default
    host /dokuwiki/doku.php/hosts/$HOSTNAME$
    service /dokuwiki/doku.php/hosts/$HOSTNAME$/$SERVICEDESC$
    servicegroup /dokuwiki/doku.php/servicegroups/$SERVICEGROUPNAME$
  6. Click Submit, then click to Save your configuration;
  7. Find the object in List View and click on Extra notes icon in the Actions column. It looks like a pen against a white note on top of a monitor:
  8. Click on Create page;
  9. Edit the information and click on Save.

Deleting a wiki page

If you edit a page and remove all its content, then DokuWiki will delete the page as well as its associated page name.