Graph web front end


This article covers the PNP web front-end configuration.


The behaviour of the PNP web front-end can be controlled through the config file /opt/monitor/etc/pnp/config.php.This is however not recommended as the file will be overwritten during updates of PNP as the paths and options are detected during ./configure.

If adjustments are needed they should be implemented in:


If this file does not exist the file config.php can be used as a guideline. All variables will be inherited from config.php unless they are specifically overwritten by config_local.php, i.e. there is no need to copy the entire file in order to change one variable. The file must however always begin with "<?php". The following example shows what the code should look like in order to set the graph width to 1500:


$conf['graph_width'] = "1500";

To access the PNP web front end through the GUI click on Graphs in the menu.

When adding a new object that produces graphs, a 5 minute delay should be expected until the graph is rendered.