Using templates


Even though Configure makes it easy for you to add and change the configuration of OP5 Monitor it is still a lot of things to edit and tweak. To make the software even more easy to use templates have been built in.

There are three types of templates to use:

  • Host templates
  • Service templates
  • Contact templates

OP5 Monitor comes with a couple of predefined templates for each object type described above. They are just there to be examples and you should really create your own.

How they work

  • Any directive set in a template will be used in the objects using the template. But if you set a directive explicit on an object that value will override the templates.
  • Any directive not set in neither a template or directly on the object will have the OP5 Monitor default value.
  • If you change any value on a directive in a template it will only be valid on the objects where the same directive is not set explicit.