Host Wizard


The Host Wizard is a tool to create a new host based on one of our Management Packs (our preconfigured services).

Adding a host using Host wizard

  • Go to the Configuration menu and select Host Wizard. This will open the Host Wizard popup:
  • On the first page you will find some information about the wizard and two options. Placing a check in the box marked "Skip this introduction in the future" will disable this introduction step in future runs:
  • Click on Next to go to Device type selection.

  • Select the device type that corresponds to the host that you are adding. You can select multiple types. Some device types have mandatory input fields.
    In this example we will add a VMware ESXi host:
  • Once you have selected the desired device type, click on Next to continue.

  • Enter the host address (either the DNS name or IP number) to the host and a hostname:
  • If you would like to add more than one host using the same device type click on + Add Host to get more address and name fields. Click on Next to continue.

  • Review the information and click on Save Configuration and View Added Hosts. You can also save the existing configuration item and go back to adding more hosts with different device types by selecting Save Configuration and Add More Hosts:

Groups rights for Host Wizard

The Host Wizard requires the following rights for a user:

  • Misc > FILE
  • Api > API config
  • Host > Host add delete
  • Host Template > Host template view all
  • Hostgroup > Hostgroup view all
  • Management Pack > Management pack view all
  • Configuration > Export

For more information on group rights and how to use them see Authorization in Authorization.