Configuration Backup Tool


The OP5 Monitor GUI has got a built-in configuration backup feature. This is not supposed to be a replacement to OP5 Backup.

The configuration backup is only backing up the OP5 Monitor configuration, nothing else.

Backup/Restore actions

In the list of backups the first column is called ACTIONS. This is the functions you will find there, from the left to the right:

View what files are included in the backup.

Restore the backup.

Delete the backup.

Backing up the configuration

  1. Click Backup/Restore in the main menu.
  2. Click Save your current OP5 Monitor configuration.
  3. Now your backup is created and can be restored at any time you like.
  4. Click the backup archive name to download and save the backup archive somewhere else.

Restoring a configuration backup

  1. Click Backup/Restore in the main menu.
  2. Click restore icon on the configuration backup you like to restore.

The backup has now been restored.