Nagstamon Desktop Status Agent

About Nagstamon

Nagstamon is a utility that displays the status of hosts and services in OP5 Monitor in the form of a floating icon or system tray icon.

The utility also allows you to handle hosts and services that are currently experiencing issues:

  • Acknowledge.
  • Add scheduled downtime.
  • Recheck (reschedule check).
  • Go directly to the OP5 Monitor web interface for the specific host/service.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • MacOS X

As Nagstamon is written in Python, it is very portable, making it run on many Linux distributions and other platforms that supports Python.


The most recent version of the agent can be found at the official Nagstamon website (third-party).


The installation depends on the target platform. A common installation wizard is available as an exe file for Windows, and a dmg package for MacOS X.


  1. Once the agent is started, the small Nagstamon window and icon should appear on the screen. By hoovering or performing a righ click on the window, you should find a Settings button.
  2. In the settings, delete the Default server.
  3. Click New server
    • Type:OP5 Monitor
    • Name:As you please.
    • Monitor URL:https://YOUR-MONITOR-HOST
      Make sure to change YOUR-MONITOR-HOSTto the host or IP address of your OP5 Monitor server.
    • Username:The name of user that is allowed to access the OP5 Monitor REST-API.
    • Password:The password of the user.
  4. Click OK twice, and the Nagstamon window should refresh and display the status of your OP5 Monitor server.