Before upgrading to Ingestion 1.1.0, you must first uninstall all Obcerv apps. Due to a breaking change in a core library (Spring Boot), you need to upgrade all Obcerv apps at the same time. Make sure that you reinstall the latest mutually compatible versions of Obcerv apps. See the Obcerv Compatibility Matrix.

To install the Ingestion app:

  1. Create a chart config file, such as app.yaml with content similar to the following:

        annotations: "nginx" "minion"

    Your ingress controller may require custom annotations on the ingress (this example is for ingress-nginx).

  2. Install the chart:

    helm install -f app.yaml obcerv-app-ingestion itrs/obcerv-app-ingestion \
              --version 1.1.0 -n <namespace> --wait

Uninstall Copied

helm uninstall obcerv-app-ingestion -n itrs

Upgrade Copied

To upgrade the app, first uninstall and then install it again using the new version.

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