Docker images

Obcerv docker images are automatically pulled by Kubernetes. However, if your cluster cannot access our registry, the images must be copied to a registry accessible to your cluster.

Docker re-write script

Use the provided script to automate the process of pulling, renaming and pushing the images to your registry. For each image, the script will rename it to your-registry/obcerv/image:tag and then push.

To rewrite all images used by Obcerv and each specified app, run the script with the following options: -r <your-registry> -o -a itrs/obcerv-grafana:1.0.0.XX,itrs/obcerv-webconsole:1.0.0.XX

If you are using Linkerd, add this flag: -l ...

When the script is complete, it will print instructions for installing Obcerv, cert-manager, LinkerD and each app with the new images.

Note that in order to use the script, the following are required:

Manual process

If the above script is not an option, you must manually copy the images from to your registry and set this config parameter:

  registry: your-registry

Obcerv images:

Images used by prerequisites:********

App images:

Each Helm chart used during installation must be configured to use your registry:

  repository: your-registry/obcerv/image
Note: Any image tags must be omitted from the repository value.
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