You can easily install, remove or upgrade individual components or the core Obcerv instance using helm.

Before upgrading Obcerv components you must ensure you have the latest helm charts and docker images. If you have chosen to maintain your own docker repository you must first ensure it is up to date with the ITRS repository, to do this follow the steps in Docker images.

Updating an existing instance

Certain parameters can be updated on running instances without having to redeploy the entire application.

To do this, you can modify the Helm parameters file that was used during installation with new parameters then run helm upgrade using this file to redeploy with the updated parameters.

helm upgrade -f obcerv.yaml <instance> itrs/obcerv -n <namespace> 
Note: Parameters that cannot be updated will be reported and the instance will not be updated.

The Operator will handle restarting the necessary workloads based on the updated parameters. You can check the progress of the update by running:

kubectl describe obcerv <instance> -n <namespace>
Note: The helm upgrade command will upgrade the chart version if a new one exists. To avoid this, manually specify the chart --version to be the same as what is currently installed.

Upgrading an instance

To upgrade an Obcerv instance run:

helm upgrade -f config.yaml <instance> itrs/obcerv

This will automatically upgrade the chart version if one exists. To use a specific chart, run the command with the --version option.

You can check the progress of the upgrade by running:

kubectl describe obcerv <instance> -n <namespace>

While the upgrade is in progress, the Obcerv status shows as DEPLOYING. Once completed, the status is set to DEPLOYED.

Note: You cannot downgrade an instance that has already been upgraded.

Uninstalling an instance

To uninstall an Obcerv instance, run:

helm uninstall <instance> -n <namespace>

This will remove all resources created by the operator except:

These must be manually removed if desired.

Note: If you delete any PVCs or secrets, critical data and settings will be lost.
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