API Gateway

Note: Information here is based on the following app version: 1.0.0.

The API gateway provides a publicly accessible REST API to interact with the Obcerv platform.

Some apps require access to the API gateway to provide functionality.


  1. Create a chart config file, named api.yaml containing content similar to:

    externalHostname: www.obcerv.local
        kubernetes.io/ingress.class: "nginx"
        nginx.org/mergeable-ingress-type: "minion"
    • The externalHostname parameter must match the DNS name configured above (apps.externalHostname).
    • Your ingress controller may require custom annotations on the ingress (this example is for ingress-nginx).
  2. Install the chart:

    helm install -f api.yaml obcerv-app-api-gateway itrs/obcerv-app-api-gateway --version 1.0.0.XX -n itrs --wait
["Obcerv"] ["User Guide"]

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