This is a Collection Agent plugin that gathers data from MongoDB. This plugin allows you to get an overview of database operations, such as:

Configure Geneos to deploy the MongoDB plugin

The MongoDB plugin supports Collection Agent publication into Geneos using dynamic Managed Entities. Setting up this plugin in Geneos involves these primary steps:

  1. Set up your Collection Agent plugin.

  2. Configure your mappings.

  3. Configure your other Dynamic Entities in the Gateway. See Create Dynamic Entities in Collection Agent setup for a more detailed procedure.

Set up your Collection Agent plugin

Setting up your collector in the Gateway Setup Editor by adding the following configuration in Dynamic Entities > Collectors. For more information, see Collectors in Dynamic Entities.

Configuration Reference

  - name: mongodb
    type: plugin
    class-name: MongoDbCollector

    # Connection details
      # The machine where mongod or mongos is running. (required)
      host: localhost

      # Port where the MongoDB Server is listening. (required)
      port: 27017

      # Specifies the name of the database to connect to. (required)
      database: test

      # Create a credential that will authenticate using the default authentication mechanism
      # (optional, default is connecting without authentication)
        # Username used to connect to the database. User should have at least 'clusterMonitor' role. (required)
        user: <database user>

        # Password of the said username (required)
        password: <database password>

        # MongoDB database that contains your user's authentication data (optional, default is specified in database.)
        auth-db: <database>

      # Connect to a MongoDB instance using TLS
      # (optional, default is connecting without tls)
        # The path to a CA PEM file that contains the CA certificate. (required)
        caFile: <path to CA PEM file>

        # The path to a Client certificate. (optional)
        # The mongod/mongos does not require a certificate key file from the client to verify the client's identity.
        # If mongod/mongos is configured with Client Certificate Validation, clientCert and clientKey must be supplied.
        clientCert: <path to Client Certificate>

        # The path to a Client Key PEM File. It should be in PKCS#8 format. (optional)
        clientKey: <path to Client Key PEM file>

How to convert Client Key file to PKCS#8 format

The default format of the openssl genrsa output is in PKCS#1. To convert it to PCKS#8, execute the command:

openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -inform PEM -outform PEM -in client.key -out clientKey.pem -nocrypt
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