Deprecated Plug-ins

These plug-ins are deprecated and are no longer supported by Geneos.

We recommend that you not use any deprecated features, as these may be removed in future releases.

For more information, see Deprecated and Removed Features in Geneos Compatibility Matrix.

  Effix Status

The Effix Status plug-in provides a view of the status webpage generated by an Effix (ELSD) server.

  FIX Cameron Status The CameronFIX Status plug-in provides a view of the status and summary webpages generated by a CameronFIX server.

Technical Reference for the Gissing plug-in, which monitors the Gissing ConteX system.

  NYXT MamaStats NYXT-MamaStats plug-in is designed to read and display the latest complete batch of records from the NYXT framework.
  RTIC and RV Latency

The Geneos RTIC / RV Plug-In monitors the time it takes RV messages to make a specific round trip.

  SWX and VIRTX The SWX Plug-In monitors the connections to the SWX and VIRT-X exchange and the services provided.
  TIB GSM The Geneos TIB GSM Plug-In monitors TIB General Service Manager parameters.
  TIB TIC The Geneos TIB TIC plug-in monitors TIB TIC parameters.
  TIB View The Geneos TIB View plug-in monitors the CiServer TIB Network protocol.
  Triarch Latency The Geneos Triarch Latency Plug-In monitors the latency between a SRC-DIST and a P2PS market feed.
  ULLINK ULBRIDGE The ULLINK ULBRIDGE Plug-In gathers information on the UULINK ULBRIDGE system, and publishes this information into the Geneos monitoring system.