Kubernetes Monitoring Technical Reference

General information


Kubernetes monitoring is a Gateway configuration file that enables monitoring of the Kubernetes platform through a set of samplers with customised Toolkit plug-in settings.

Kubernetes is a container that consists of an entire environment to automate deployment of applications. These include the libraries, binaries, and configuration files that you can bundle into one package.

Track the following key areas when using Kubernetes monitoring:

Key Area Description
Cluster A set of physical or virtual machines, and other infrastructure resources that runs your applications.
Node A physical or virtual machine that runs Kubernetes where it can schedule pods.
Pod A group of containers and volumes.

This technical reference provides information on the metrics and dataviews for the samplers available through the Kubernetes integration. If you are setting up the Kubernetes integration for the first time, see Kubernetes Monitoring User Guide.

Metrics and dataviews

Kubernetes clusterInfo

This displays the address of the master and service of Kubernetes:

Column Name Description
clusterService Name of the cluster service.
address Address of the cluster service.


Kubernetes nodes

This displays all the nodes that belong to the cluster:

Column Name Description
name Name of the node that belongs to the cluster.
status Describes the status of the node.

Role of the node.

Option: master

age Total time elapsed from the current state.
Other options: Hour, Day, Month, Year
version Version of the node.

Kubernetes pods

This displays all the pods that belong to the cluster, including those in the system namespace.

Column Name Description
namespace Refers to the virtual clusters that provide a scope for names. You can use this to divide cluster resources across different names or users.
Other options: default or kube-system
name Assigned pod name
ready Indicates the readiness of the pod.
status Status of the pods that are in the namespace.
restarts Shows when the container has been restarted.
age Total time elapsed from the current state.
Other options: Hour, Day, Month, Year