The end of life (EOL) date for this module is on 31 January, 2020.

Data Permissions

Permissions specify what data each role can see and they can be restricted based on four conditions:
  • Gateway name
  • Sampler plugin name (e.g. CPU)
  • Dataview group
  • Managed entity attribute


It is not currently possible to match the name of a Gateway plugin, for example Gateway-gatewayData.

By default roles have no permissions and do not have access to any data. Edit the configuration file in config/settings.conf and edit the permissions part to specify role permissions. The node watches for changes in this file and will automatically reload the configuration.

The permissions section consists of a list of roles and their data viewing permissions:

permissions {
   ROLE_A { ... }
   ROLE_B { ... }
   ROLE_C { ... }

The snippet below details how to specify multiple permissions for a role. In this example ROLE_USER can see all CPU samplers as well as dataviews named ‘MyDV’ on gateway ‘Demo’:

permissions {
   ROLE_ADMIN = All # This role has permission to see all data

   ROLE_USER { # Role can have one or more permissions, each permission needs a unique name

                permission1 { # Role can see data matching these conditions - all CPU samplers:
                        PluginName = CPU

                # .. OR ..

                permission2 { # Role can also see all dataviews named 'MyDV' on gateway 'Demo'
                        Dataview = MyDV
                        # .. AND ..
                        Gateway = Demo

The available conditions inside each permission are:


As off 2.0, ‘PluginName’ is used in place of ‘Sampler’ and ‘DataViewGroup’ is used in place of ‘DataView’The old values will still work, but may be removed in a future release!

permission { # Each permission can have 4 types of conditions. All conditions must be met
        Gateway = SomeGatewayName
        PluginName = PluginName # e.g. CPU
        DataViewGroup = SomeDataviewGroup
        SomeEntityAttribute = SomeValue
        OtherEntityAttribute = OtherValue # Multiple managed entity attributes can be set

Note: the same condition should not be specified twice in a single permission:

permission {
        Gateway = Demo
        Gateway = Testing # Error, since 'Gateway' is repeated