The end of life (EOL) date for this module is on 31 January, 2020.

Black Lists

From version 1.2, it is possible to specify a blacklist of paths. Paths in the black list will be rejected; the client will receive an error if they try to subscribe to any matching paths.

Blacklists are specified in the config/settings.conf file; the shipped file contains the recommended default settings:

blacklist {
    # Paths that will not be serviced, the client will receive an error
    dataset: [
        "/geneos/gateway/directory/probe/managedEntity/sampler/dataview/headlines/cell"    ]
    dataview: [
        "/geneos/gateway/directory/probe/managedEntity/sampler/dataview/"    ]

As with all settings in config/settings.conf, these can be changed once the cluster is running and will update all the nodes.

Note: Any changes will only affect new subscriptions.