The end of life (EOL) date for this module is on 31 January, 2020.

Knowledge Base Commands

Retrieving available articles

Knowledge Base articles that apply to an item are returned as part of the commands available on the item.

The description of the command is the name of the article as defined in the gateway:

<omitted other commands>

/OAKBA:plain_2_1 - plain_2_1
Grouping: [Knowledge Base, plain_2_1]

/OAKBA:plain_2_2 - plain_2_2
Grouping: [Knowledge Base, plain_2_2]

The commands are grouped under the Knowledge Base heading to make it easier for user interfaces to display them.

Retrieving the URL for an article

To retrieve the URL for an article simply execute the corresponding command.

The API will respond with a MIME type of text/uri-list, with the content containing the URL.

The URL returned includes any Geneos XPath substitution configured in the Gateway Knowledge Base setup.

Retrieving the names and URLs of articles for a given item

As articles are accessed through the commands API, two requests (command list and then execute) are required to retrieve the information.

This may be cumbersome if you are interested solely in the Knowledge Base URLs alone.

The following example code wraps up the two calls into a single synchronous method call with a timeout: