tGL Lost Orders Plug-in - Technical Reference


The GL Lost Orders plug-in compares the lirebase log before and after the GL and exchange execute order-book reset.

This automatic process will highlight any discrepancies caused by the reset process by running a "night" scan of the orders before the reset and a "day" scan of the orders after the reset.



This plugin produces a single view showing the status of any lost orders, in the screenshot below the night-scan will activate in 59 seconds and that the day scan will happen 3 minutes later.


In the screenshot below we can see 20 valid orders have been lost between the night and day scan with the lost orders clearly shown in the grid.


Headline Legend

Name Description
totalLostOrders Total number of orders that have gone missing over night.
timeNightScan Time that the first scan is performed.
ordersNightScan Number of orders found in the night scan that should be present in the day scan.
timeDayScan Time the second scan is performed.
ordersDayScan Total number of orders found in the day scan (should match ordersNightScan)

Table Legend

Name Description
<configurable> The details of the order. The columns can be configured in the plug-in setup.

Plug-in Configuration

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:


Allows the columns to be overridden.

Mandatory: No
Default: userId,stockCode,orderStatus,quantity,price,qtyRem,expireDate
The actual fields used are:
V5 noUti,mnemo,orderStatus,quantity,price,remainQty,expireDate
V3 noUti,mnemo,orderStatus,quantity,price,qte,dval

columns > column

Defines an individual column

columns > column > alias

The name of the column as seen in the view

Mandatory: Yes

columns > column > name

The field in the file used to populate the column

Mandatory: Yes


Set this to the SLE version.

Mandatory: No
Default: 5


These allow you to set the times used for scanning.

scanTimes > eveningScanTime

The time to start the evening scan.

Mandatory: No
Default: 18:00

scanTimes > morningScanTime

The time to start the morning scan.

Mandatory: No
Default: 06:00


The script that calls the lirebase command.

Mandatory: No
Default: /bin/csh ./gl_orderdump.csh


Used for testing between short intervals

Mandatory: No
Units: Minutes
Default: 120


How much time the script has to complete.

Mandatory: No
Units: Seconds
Default: 600


The name of the lirebase ini file.

Mandatory: No
Default: ./gl_lirebase.ini


The name of the csv file

Mandatory: No
Default: ./itrsorder.csv


The day of the week that the night scan file time/date is ignored.

Mandatory: No
Default: check every day