GL Greffon Plug-in - Technical Reference


The Geneos GL Greffon plug-in monitors the GL system and displays information about user logons through Greffon connections.


This plug-in produces a single view as follows:



Column Name Description
Login Key The login key used to connect to the system
Greffon The greffon used to connect to the system
Status Status of the greffon/user (shared by all users connecting using the particular greffon)
Member Number Member number associated with the greffon
User Id User id of the user connecting through this greffon
Name Name of the user connecting through this greffon

Plug-in Configuration

Mandatory configuration:


users_ini_file = /bin/greffon/logs/users/users.ini
names_ini_file = /bin/greffon/logs/names/names.ini
traderid_ini_file = /bin/greffon/logs/traders/traderid.ini
slev5liffe_ini_file = /bin/greffon/logs/slev5liffe/slev5liffe.ini
licsym_ini_file = /bin/greffon/logs/slev5liffe/licsym.ini

gl_connect_ini_file_path = /bin/greffon/logs/glconnect-ini/
gl_connect_log_file_path = /bin/greffon/logs/glconnect-log/

Optional configuration:

gl_connect_ini_file_prefix = glconnect_
gl_connect_ini_file_extension = ini

gl_connect_log_file_prefix = glconnect_
gl_connect_log_file_extension = log

debug = true

The following sampling parameters should be set up in the [GREFFON_SAMPLER_DESCRIPTOR]

Name Description Notes
users_ini_file Full path (including filename) of the users.ini file MANDATORY
names_ini_file Full path (including filename) of the names.ini file MANDATORY
traderid_ini_file Full path (including filename) of the traderid.ini file MANDATORY
slev5liffe_ini_file Full path (including filename) of the slev5liffe.ini file MANDATORY
licsym_ini_file Full path (including filename) of the licsym.ini file MANDATORY
gl_connect_ini_file_path Location of the glconnect_XX.ini files MANDATORY
gl_connect_log_file_path Location of the glconnect_XX_DATE.log files MANDATORY
gl_connect_ini_file_prefix Prefix of the glconnect_XX.ini files (i.e. 'glconnect_') OPTIONAL
gl_connect_ini_file_extension Extension of the gl_connect_XX.ini files (i.e. 'ini') OPTIONAL
gl_connect_ log _file_prefix Prefix of the glconnect_ XX_DATE.log files (i.e. 'glconnect_') OPTIONAL
gl_connect_ log _file_extension Extension of the gl_connect_ XX_DATE.log files (i.e. 'ini') OPTIONAL
debug (true/false) The plugin in will print out each line it reads from a .ini or .log file to the standard output, if this option is turned on (off by default) OPTIONAL