This plug-in is deprecated and is no longer supported by Geneos.
We recommend that you not use any deprecated features, as these may be removed in future releases.

For more information, see Deprecated and removed features in Geneos Compatibility Matrix.

TIB TIC Plug-in - Technical Reference


GENEOS TIB TIC plug-in monitors TIB TIC parameters.

The netprobe will process the output from a "ticadm" command in order to establish the condition of the tic. It is therefore essential that the netprobe is run from an account with sufficient privileges to run the "ticadm" command.




STATUS Table Legend

Name Description
Current_Items The number of items currently subscribed via this TIC.
Fault_Tolerant Shows if this TIC is running as Primary or Secondary.
Highest_Items Shows the peak loading of the TIC.
Resubscription_Rate Displays the rate (as items per second) of re-subscription requests.
Subscription_Rate Displays the rate (as items per second) of subscriptions.
Unsubscribed_Items Shows the number of items in TIC that are not subscribed to by anyone.
Uptime The time the TIC has been up.
Version Indicates the TIC version number.


The SOURCES view shows the services that the TIC is configured to handle.

SOURCES Table Legend

Name Description
Source The name of the data source.
Type The type of data source, usually "Interactive".

Plug-in Configuration

[The introduction to the plug-in configuration, including any simple examples - as needed ]

The following parameters can be configured for this plug-in:


Command to obtain TIC statistics

Mandatory: No
Default: ticadmin-stats


Command to obtain TIC Source list.

Mandatory: No
Default: ticadmin-sources


Command to obtain TIC Fault Tolerant status.

Mandatory: No
Default: ticadmin -ident -host `hostname`


Command to obtain TIC subscriptions.

Mandatory: No
Default: = ticadmin-nql