ITRS Product Roadmap

At ITRS, we share our Product Roadmap with our clients so that we highlight not just new physical deliverables, but also how they fit in with our company initiatives. These initiatives relate the tangible benefits that our clients see when using ITRS software in their daily lives.

This roadmap is subject to constant re-evaluation and change with business need.


Feature Timeline Description
Event query API Hub 1.6.0 An open event query API allowing the retrieval of raw and aggregated event data.
Web Console monitoring UI Hub 1.6.0 A brand new, web-based monitoring UI for Geneos using Gateway Hub.
Grafana integration Hub 1.6.0 Gateway Hub as a data source plugin for Grafana.
Centralised Gateway configuration phase 2 Hub 1.6.0 Centralised configuration validation via Gateway Hub.
MiniGeneos Hub 1.6.0 Run a 'lite' version of Geneos in memory, in order to quickly test a plug-in and visualise using the new UI.
Ticketing system integration Hub 1.7.0 The ability to raise tickets in an external system such as TSOM from events generated in Geneos.
Analytics dashboards Hub 1.7.0 General-purpose analytics dashboards; for example, showing metric values over time, and so on.
Query performance optimisations   Improvements to query performance through downsampling and improved use of Spark.
Anomaly detection UI component   Overlay 'normal' metric values on a metric chart.
Centralised SAN configuration   Centralised configuration for Self-announcing Netprobes.
Auditing in Hub   Generate audit data from activity in Gateway Hub.
Secrets service   A dedicated service for secrets handling, including integration with tools like Vault and CyberArk.
Upgrade to Python 3   Upgrade to Python 3, as Python 2.7 will not be supported in 2020.
Commands   Invoke commands on a monitored machine or Gateway via Gateway Hub.
Central user preference storage   Store user preference data centrally so that preferences are maintained across different browsers and devices.
Globally distributed architecture   Improved integration between globally distributed Hub instances.
Monitoring dashboards   Easily configurable dashboards for visualising monitoring concepts.
Calendars   The ability to handle special days in adaptive rules; for example, bank holidays and non-farm payroll days.
Orchestrated Hub deployment   Deployment of Gateway Hub via OpenShift / Kubernetes.
Hub rules engine   A rules engine for Gateway Hub.
Mobile notifier   Mobile push notifications for Geneos.
Automatic baselining   Generating 'normal' from the current historical data.


Feature Timeline Description
Log Analytics Integration Geneos GA5.0.0 Netprobes becoming a data source for ITRS Log Analytics.
Monitoring orchestrated environments Geneos GA5.0.0 New native agent for monitoring applications inside orchestrated environments. Beta version available for OpenShift and Kubernetes.
Inside-the-app monitoring Geneos GA5.0.0 Take the inside-the-app monitoring capabilities provided by the Orchestrated Netprobe and make it available in non-orchestrated environments (currently only available on OpenShift and Kubernetes).
PCF Health Metrics   Monitoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Advanced AWS monitoring   Ability to organise AWS monitoring using tags, auto-discovery for Self-announcing Netprobes on EC2.
Auto-discovery   Auto-discovery framework for Self-announcing Netprobes.
Enhanced FKM   Integration with ITRS Log Analytics and new search capabilities. Additional admin view to provide FKM key usage data.
Prometheus support for Orchestrated Netprobe   Support for collection agent to ingest metrics from Prometheus directly
Enhanced FIX Analyser   A more comprehensive FIX solution that will include text searching and integration with Log Analytics.
State Tracker improvements   Improving the State Tracker plug-in functionality, adding ability to handle changes in column order, adding ability to count, sum, and average items.

Capacity Planner

Feature Timeline Description
Baseline View management Release 102 Providing a scheduling mechanism for baseline view creation to avoid impacting processing .
Managing views and groupings via the Admin tool Release 102 Providing a facility for Capacity Planner administrators to pre-configure grouping layouts for projects and share views with other project users.
Data Collector update Release 102 Stability and bug-fix updates for the Data Collector.
Automatically identify inactive workloads Release 103 Detect inactive workloads and cloud instances during processing time and make them available as a grouping in the sunburst. Create an 'activity' grouping for all workloads, with the value determined at processing time. Provide the facility for the user to configure thresholds for idle and high-activity workloads and create their own categorisation.
Representing short-lived workloads Release 103 Provide visualisations on short-term workloads such as cloud instances and containers. Show activity on a per metric basis and identify idle time.

ITRS OP5 Monitor

ITRS OP5 Monitor roadmap

Website resources

Feature Timeline Description
Learning management system Q1 2020 ITRS will be deploying a new learning management platform that will allow you to register, take courses, and keep track of your progress as you move from beginner to advanced ITRS software users.