ITRS Product Roadmap

At ITRS, we share our Product Roadmap with our clients so that we highlight not just new physical deliverables, but also how they fit in with our company initiatives. These initiatives relate the tangible benefits that our clients see when using ITRS software in their daily lives.

Initiatives by timeline

Initiatives by product

Geneos and Gateway Hub

Feature Timeline Description
Open API July 2019

A new batch of REST API endpoints to be opened up.

This will be most, if not all, of the remaining implemented endpoints.

Adaptive Rules July 2019 Utilise hub stored and modeled data to power adaptive rules.
Active Console 2 on Ubuntu and MacOS July 2019 Fully functioning Active Console 2 builds on listed operating system distributions.
Centralised Configuration phase 2 July 2019 Migration workflow for moving to Gateway Hub controlled Gateways plus support for validation, locking, rollback, and audit.
Web Console Monitoring and Dashboards Quarter 2, 3, and 4 2019 Utilise Gateway Hubs data storage system and web UI service to host monitoring. The evolution of the state tree, mapping, and visualising the entities within the monitored estate.
Hub Basic Authorisation July 2019 Basic role-based security and authorisation model for Gateway Hub.
Active Console 2 UI Refresh October 2019 New improved look and feel with light and dark theme workspaces.
Reporting and Dashboard Templates October 2019 Using the Open API, we can interface with standard reporting and dashboard tools to provide templates for most common use cases.
Licensing Upgrades October 2019 New licencing and audit tool for easy maintenance and visibility into Geneos deployments.
Orchestrated Hub Deployment October 2019  


Feature Timeline Description
RabbitMQ Monitoring Geneos GA4.11.1 New integration for monitoring the health and status of RabbitMQ.
Inbound REST API Geneos GA4.12.x A new plug-in providing REST API API endpoints for ingesting metrics, events, and log messages.
Inside-the-app monitoring Geneos GA4.12.x New inside-the-app monitoring capabilities provided by the Netprobe's REST API.
Cloud Foundry Monitoring Geneos GA4.12.x New integration to monitor the Cloud Foundry environment.
Log Analytics Integration Geneos GA5.0.x Netprobes becoming a data source for ITRS Log Analytics.
Inbound Kafka Integration Geneos GA5.0.x New plug-in to read data from Kafka. Messages will be required to have certain pre-defined dimensions to work with Geneos.
Enhanced FIX Analyser Geneos GA5.0.x A more comprehensive FIX solution that will include text searching and integration with Log Analytics.
Enhanced FKM Geneos GA5.1.x Integration with ITRS Log Analytics and new search capabilities. Additional admin view to provide FKM key usage data.

Capacity Planner

Feature Timeline Description
Enhanced Application Demand Modelling July 2019 Increased automation of correlation modelling, template creation, and enhanced Application Demand Modelling Forward Thinking operations.
Cloud Capacity Reporting July 2019 Reporting on spending trends, attribution of cloud spend to workloads, and recommendations on workload instance configuration.
Transient Workload Modelling October 2019 Enhanced modelling of short lived workloads, such as containers, and their aggregate contributions to infrastructure resource utilisation.

Synthetic Monitoring

Feature Timeline Description
ITRS portal branding Q2 2019 The Apica Synthetic Monitoring portal will now carry the ITRS Brand.

Website resources

Feature Timeline Description
Public APIs release Q1 2019 To support the Geneos Open API initiative, the website will be adapted to support API documentation and ensure that it is searchable and accessible without a login.
Learning management system Q3 2019 ITRS will be deploying a new learning management platform that will allow you to register, take courses, and keep track of your progress as you move from beginner to advanced ITRS software users.