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What's New in Geneos

The following new features or redeveloped features have been introduced in Geneos v4.10.x.

Active Console 2

Sampling information label

Previously, the Sample Time does not report the correct values in the dataview.

In Geneos GA4.10 release, this is fixed and the SampleNow command (executed from Managed entity or Sampler) updates the currently displayed Metric dataview.

For more information, see The Metric table viewer in Active Console 2 User Guide.

Dashboard properties

When you have multiple dashboards in your environment with a large number of modifiers, you continually get the tooltips appearing. While this is useful during the initial setup of the dashboards, this might cause inconvenience if it keeps appearing but there is no option to disable them.

To resolve this, the Show tooltip on hover option is added to Dashboard properties that enables the modifier information as a tooltip for dashboard objects. By default, this option is disabled.

For more information, see Dashboard properties.

Connection settings

Active Console 2 supports remote connection files that require Kerberos authentication or files that are hosted in a Kerberized web server.

For more information, see Connection Settings.

Object inspector

Previously, the only way to edit the modifiers in Active Dashboard is when you right-click the object's properties.

Now, when an object is selected, the Object Inspector dockable appears that allows you to add, edit, and delete modifiers.

For more information, see Object inspector.

Gateway Setup Editor

Simplified comments

You can now enable a simplified version of the comments in the Gateway Setup Editor.

To learn how to do this, and for more information, see Simplified comments.

Password sanitisation

When you copy named items in the GSE, any passwords (for example, within Sampler or Type definitions) are removed from the copy.

For more information, see Password removal on copying .


Active times

You can now specify the time period for an active time as a repeating day. For example, as the last Friday in every month of every year, or the first Monday in June every year.

For more information, see activeTimes > activeTime > schedulePeriod > day.

Self-announcing Netprobe commands

There are two new commands available to help you configure Self-announcing Netprobes (SANs) on your Geneos estate:

  • Rebalance SANs —  rebalances SANs connected to the Gateway based on either the number of SANs or the Gateway score.
  • Disassociate Probe — forcibly disassociates a SAN from a Gateway.

See Netprobe commands and Rebalance Self-Announcing Netprobes command.

Require comments on user input commands

You can now specify that user input arguments requires a value to be entered to execute the command.

For more information, see commands > command > userCommand > args > arg > userinput > requireArgument.


Setup configuration from remote source

You can now specify the netprobe.setup.xml configuration for a self-announcing or floating Netprobe from a remote URL. This option supports HTTPS. In addition, the Netprobe can be configured to periodically retrieve the configuration from the remote source.

This feature is unavailable for AIX platforms. For more information, see the following commands in the Netprobe Command line options

  • /setup=<full path or URL to file>
  • /setup-interval=<minutes>
  • /setup-server-verify
  • -setup <url>
  • -setup-interval <minutes>
  • -setup-server-verify <file>


Control-M plug-in (REST API)

The new Control-M plug-in is powered by REST API and supports Control-M versions 9.0.18 and above. It requires Java 8+ to run.

For more information, see the following topics:

Gateway Hub Data Plug-in

The Gateway Hub Data plug-in monitors the current configuration and state of publishing to Gateway Hub from a connected Gateway. This allow for self-monitoring of a Gateway Hub instance from Geneos.

For more information, see Gateway Hub Data plug-in.

Geneos Compatibility Matrix

End of support notices

This section is updated to provide the end of support date and alternative path to the affected components:

  • Component Versions Plug-in
  • Informix Plug-in
  • MDM Plug-in on Solaris platform (x64 and Sparc)
  • FLM Plug-in on Solaris platform (x64 and Sparc)
  • Active Console 2 on Windows 32-bit
  • Web dashboard on Solaris (x64 and Sparc)
  • Webslinger on Solaris (Sparc)
  • Gateway 2 on Solaris (x64 and Sparc)

For all upcoming changes to Geneos compatibility and lifecycle, refer to Geneos Compatibility Matrix.