Gateway Hub

View metrics in Active Console


This section assumes you have already installed and verified a Gateway Hub installation, and connected a Gateway to Gateway Hub.

You must have at least version 4.8.0. of both Active Console and Gateway. You can find the latest versions of all Geneos components at ITRS Downloads.

Verify Gateway Hub connection

Before you attempt to view metrics in Active Console, verify that the REST Service URL is configured.

To verify that the REST Service URL is configured, follow these steps:

  1. In Active Console navigate to Tools > Settings.
  2. Navigate to Gateway Hub.
  3. In Gateway Hub Entries, verify that the Connection Name and REST Service URL are correct for your Gateway Hub.

How to view metrics in Active Console

To view historical metrics using data from the Gateway Hub via the Active Console, follow these steps:

  1. In the Active Console, navigate to a dataview.
  2. In the dataview, right-click a cell you want to view historical data for.
  3. Navigate to History Chart.
  4. Create a new chart by selecting New Chart followed by the chart's range. The options are:
    • Last Minute
    • Last Hour
    • Past Working Day (6am to 8pm)
    • Last 24 Hours
    • Last Week
    • Last Month
    • Last Year
    • Chart Range
    • User Defined
  5. The chart appears in Active Dashboards.
  6. If your Active Dashboards window is not open, navigate to View and select Active Dashboards.