Gateway Hub



The Storage page allows you to configure the retention policy for metric and event data. You can enable or disable data storage using the Metric and event storage toggle.

If Metric and event storage is enabled then Gateway Hub will retain metric and event data for a user specified period. If Metric and event storage is disabled then Gateway Hub will use minimal storage and you will not be able to perform queries on historical data.

Caution: Metric and event storage must be enabled to perform historical queries or use anomaly detection.

Retention period

These settings control how long the system retains data in storage. The system discards any metrics and events data older than the specified period.

Both Metrics and Events settings can be adjusted into a specified number of days, weeks, and months.

To avoid the ambiguities arising from leap years and months of different lengths Gateway Hub adopts a 30/360 day count convention. In this convention, each month is 30 days in length and each year is 360 days in length.