Gateway Hub

Entity overview


The entity overview page provides detailed information about a particular entity. From this page you can monitor both the instantaneous and historical value of metrics associated with the entity.

The entity monitoring page is composed of four sections:

  • Attributes — shows the values of important attributes of the selected entity.
  • Metrics — lists all the metrics associated with the selected entity.
  • Metric history — shows a graph of the selected metric's value over time.
  • Related events — lists the events related to the selected metric.


The Attributes header shows the current value of five of the attributes associated with the selected entity. The selection of attributes shown can be configured from the Attributes list.

To open the Attributes list click the See all attributes button.

Attributes list

The attributes list shows all the available attributes, their type, and their value for the selected entity. The first five attributes are shown in the Attributes header of the entity overview and in the tooltips on the Monitoring page.

The order of the Attributes list is user configurable, to change the order:

  1. Click the Edit order button.
  2. Drag the Attributes into the desired order using the handles.
  3. Click Done.

Note: Changes to the order of attributes will effect all entities and will also change which attributes appear in tooltips.


The Metrics table lists all of the metrics associated with the selected entity.

Column name Description
Metric Name of the metric.
Sampler Sampler used to collect this metric's data.
Dataview Dataview where this metric is shown.
Row Row of the dataview where this metric is shown.
Value Value of the metric.

Select a column name to sort the table by that property. By default, the table is sorted by status.

Select a metric in the Metric table to display the metrics history and related events.

Metric history

The Metric history panel shows a graph of the values of the selected metric over time, you can customise how this data is displayed. This requires that Gateway Hub has been setup to store metric and event history.

The following options are available:

Option Description
Date and time

Specify the time range the graph should display. You can specify a custom range or select from the available presets.

Time window Select the data to be included in the graph. Only data from selected days and times, within the time range, will be included.
Average Show a time series of the mean value of the metric.
Percentiles Show a time series of the median value of the metric with percentile regions shown by shading.
Avg + SDev + Min/Max Show a time series of the mean value of the metric with the minimum, maximum.

Related events

The Related events table shows the events, such as severity changes, associated with the selected metric.

Column name Description
Timestamp The time the event occurred, shown in the format dd/mm/yyyy <time>.
Details Brief description of the event.
Comments Comments attached to the event.
Metric path Path to the metric.