Connect a Gateway


Before you connect a Gateway to Gateway Hub, validate your Gateway Hub installation. See Validate an install.

You must have at least version 4.8.0 of both Active Console and Gateway.

Note: Starting in version 4.12, Gateway supports a more efficient protocol. This protocol is used when communicating with version 1.4 Gateway Hub and later. This protocol reduces the bandwidth and storage required for metrics messages by up to 50% compared to Gateway version 4.11 and earlier.

Latest versions of both components are available from the ITRS Downloads.

Connecting a Gateway to Gateway Hub is performed using the Gateway Setup Editor. You must provide a publishing address and REST address of one of your Gateway Hub nodes.

Note: Gateway Hub publishing is not available from shared Gateways. Instead, you must enable publishing from the source Gateways.

How to connect a Gateway to Gateway Hub

To connect the Gateway to the Gateway Hub, follow these steps:

  1. Open Active Console.
  2. Double-click the Gateway you wish to configure with Gateway Hub . This opens the Gateway Setup Editor(GSE).
  3. In the GSE, double-click Gateway Hub in the Navigation tree. This creates the Gateway Hub section.
  4. In the Gateway Hub section:
    1. In Publishing address, add the host/port pair address of one of your Gateway Hub nodes. The default is <hostname>:9092/.
    2. In REST address, add the REST address location of Gateway Hub. The REST address uses https. The default REST address is https://<hostname>:8080/.
    3. In Additional Settings, specify the location of the certificate for SSL:
    4.<location of CA certificate PEM file>

      Obtain the certificate file from your system administrator. For more information about all of the above fields, see Gateway integration technical reference.

  5. Click Validate .

    Note: If you see errors in the form:
    Additional <headline/column/row> '<name of headline/column/row> is defined for dataview '<name of dataview>' but no schema has been defined. This dataview will not be published using internal format.
    A schema definition is required for the sampler. Schemas are described in the next section. See Schema overview.

  6. Click Save .

Caution: After you have started publishing to Gateway Hub, be aware that temporarily disabling publishing may result in Gateway Hub containing references to obsolete or deleted items. For example, if a managed entity is deleted, the Gateway cannot buffer this information and the Gateway Hub is not notified of the deletion when publishing is resumed. It is recommend that once started you do not disable publishing from the Gateway to Gateway Hub.