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Geneos Release Summary


The release summary document shows the highlights of each major and minor Geneos release.

To learn more about the supported Geneos versions and new features in the most recent Geneos release, see the following documents:

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Geneos, please read Geneos Upgrade Notes for compatibility changes you should be aware of before upgrading.

Geneos 5.10.x

Released: September 2021

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Prometheus plugin

    • Prometheus has become a widely adopted standard in application monitoring, especially in orchestrated environments. If Prometheus is your choice of tool, the Geneos plugin for Prometheus and Alert Manager lets you bring your metrics and Alert Manager events into Geneos for a unified view across your entire stack. It includes the extraction of the data itself, plus the ability to dynamically generate Geneos data structures, minimising configuration, and maintenance. Alert Manager data can also be streamed into FKM plugin for monitoring specific events.

  • Azure Event Hub plugin integration

    • Azure Monitor plugin now supports the ability to consume real-time metrics from the Azure Event Hub service. This is an alternative to polling the Azure Monitor API, enabling Geneos to monitor your Azure cloud environment at scale and in real-time. Built-in mappings for Azure Monitor allow Geneos to dynamically create entities and dataviews to keep configuration to minimum.

  • Azure Marketplace VM

    • You can now deploy the Azure Monitor plugin through the Azure Marketplace. This deployment makes the configuration of the Azure Monitor plugin easier with built-in dynamic entity mapping to minimise Gateway configuration. Different scenarios are also supported for you to deploy your virtual machine.

  • OP5 Monitor plugin

    • ITRS OP5 Monitor is a comprehensive monitoring and alerting tool for your IT networks and infrastructures. Geneos OP5 Monitor plugin allows you to visualise the OP5 Monitor host and service level status in Geneos alongside your application monitoring.

  • REST Extractor plugin now supports POST content-type options for integrating with other applications and services.

  • The Dynamic Entities Health view now includes messagesLost metric to better monitor the dynamically created streams in Geneos.

  • New /liveness endpoint to programmatically test the state of all Geneos components.

Geneos 5.9.x

Released: August 2021

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • New IBM i Member Record plugin that can display member information given a list of files or file members.

  • Improved the FIX Analyser 2 message query report so that the messages sent and received in a session can be viewed together.

  • Better grouping of Gateway self-monitoring dataviews.

  • Enhanced Azure Monitor plugin:

    • Ability to filter based on resource groups and tags.

    • Reduced number of API calls required to collect data.

    • New self monitoring view, including API usage metrics.

  • Improvements to Dynamic Managed Entities:

    • Auto pivot single row dataviews for better visibility in the Active Console.

    • Better management and visibility of any clashes in the entity attributes.

    • Visibility into dynamically created streams, making it easier to diagnose and resolve issues.

  • Trapmon plugin supports SNMP version 3 for authenticating and encrypting data packets over the network.

Geneos 5.8.x

Released: May 2021

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • You can now publish log data to Splunk. The log data collected for File Keyword Monitor (FKM) can now be published to Splunk for storage and analysis. The data sent to Splunk is enriched with Geneos context so that you can search by managed entities, attributes, severities, and any matching triggers, or ignored keywords.

  • Enhanced Kubernetes monitoring. You can now monitor for specific namespaces, additional metrics for resource quota, node and container level CPU, and memory capacity limits.

  • With the addition of the Geneos Azure Monitor plugin, you can now monitor your Azure Cloud services alongside on-premise, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments for full end-to-end visibility:

    • This plugin can monitor and collect metrics from over 30 Azure services, such as VM, Network, Storage, Database, and Automation.

    • Minimal configuration with built-in Dynamic Entity mappings for more automated discovery.

    • Close to real-time alerts using Geneos powerful rule and alert capabilities.

    • Minimise cost by using single enterprise tool for monitoring.

  • Support HTTPS access to remotely hosted Active Console resources, such as Gateway connection files and remote dockables.

  • Enhanced IBM i File Member plugin to monitor the capacity of file member records.

  • Undo and redo key functions for editable text fields in the Active Console and Gateway Setup Editor.

  • Updated Docker images for Gateway and Netprobe.

Geneos 5.7.x

Released: April 2021

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Migration tool for centralised Gateway configuration.

  • New IBM i File Member plugin for monitoring the capacity of records within file members.

  • Schema-less publishing to Gateway Hub.

  • Simplified Dynamic Entities.

  • Plugin improvements.

  • Improve handling of fonts in the Web Dashboard.

  • Ability to disable weak cipher suites when encrypting communication between Geneos components.

  • New plugins and integrations documentation page.

Geneos 5.6.x

Released: February 2021

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • IBM i JDBC plugin can now publish query results to Geneos streams to be consumed by other plugins, such as File Keyword Monitor and State Tracker.

  • SQL Toolkit plugin now supports Windows authentication for Linux environments.

  • Gateways now support connecting to Gateway Hub using Hub Application Keys. This simplifies the configuration required to securely connect to Gateway Hub.

  • You can now adjust the width of the Metrics view navigation pane to improve visibility.

Geneos 5.5.x

Released: November 2020

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • The new IBM i JDBC plugin lets you query DB2 databases running in IBM i.
  • Gateway Database Logging for MSSQL Server now supports the Kerberos authentication.
  • Improved support for Geneos components to work in deployments where communication is required to pass through load balancers.
  • Improved support for user-friendly display names in the Active Console for probe, entity, and sampler.

Geneos 5.4.x

Released: September 2020

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Self-monitoring in Geneos is now enabled by default with no configuration required.
  • Both Gateways and Netprobes are now available as Docker images for easy deployment. You can download them from the ITRS docker registry.
  • The Control-M plugin now supports BMC Control-M versions 9.0.19 and 9.0.20.
  • Tibco EMS plugins now support client and server-side SSL authentication for more secure connectivity.
  • FTM plugin can now identify and monitor file transfers that occur on a specific day of the month, specific weekday, or business day of a month.

Geneos 5.3.x

Released: July 2020

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Collect and monitor log files from IBM i systems
  • Automate Netprobe configuration using environment macros
  • Improved CyberArk password vault support

Geneos 5.2.x

Released: June 2020

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Active Console workspace improvements
  • Cloud Foundry Plugin
  • Demo mode for Gateway
  • Improved administration for Dynamic Entities
  • Netprobe Discovery
  • State Tracker enhancements

Geneos 5.1.x

Released: March 2020

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Monitoring dynamic and orchestrated environments require Geneos to be more dynamic. From on-demand and elastic server availability in cloud to containers or microservices, and orchestrators, such as Kubernetes and OpenShift, this release introduces a number of new features to make configurations easier and automate monitoring.
  • MiniGeneos delivers a full stack of Geneos capabilities in a self-contained, easy to use, and localised container environment that can be run locally in your own development machine.
  • New discovery framework for Self-Announcing Netprobes to make configurations easier.
  • Geneos now supports integration with CyberArk password vault so that you no longer need to store passwords in Gateway configuration.
  • Netprobe documentation has been restructured, and now includes information on deploying to dynamic environments with Collection Agent. For more information, see Netprobe Documentation Home.
  • Other improvements:
    • Support for Red Hat 8, SUSE Linux Enterprise 15, and Ubuntu 18.04.
    • Improvements to Active Console light-theme interface for better contrast and visibility.
    • Library updates to resolve known security vulnerabilities.

Geneos 5.0.x

Released: December 2019

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 5.x Release Notes

These are the highlights of this release:

  • The Publisher plug-in is a new plug-in that enables you to publish data from an FKM outbound stream to an index on the Elasticsearch.
  • Centralised configuration now allows you to manage the Gateway configuration using REST API.
  • The Web Console monitoring UI brings a brand new look for real-time monitoring.
  • Active Console introduces a new light theme interface.
  • Geneos data source for Grafana (Technology Preview) lets you seamlessly integrate data from Gateway Hub into your Grafana dashboards.
  • Events such as severity, snooze, and user assignment data can now be queried using Gateway Hub REST API.
  • Gateway Hub check script is introduced to help validate your environment before installing Gateway Hub.
  • Other improvements:
    • Gateway now uses the time zones files store in /usr/share/zoneinfo of the base machine to translate times between time zones.
    • Gateway now uses standard date and time format for log files generated by Geneos components.
    • Support for POST and PUT requests in the REST Extractor plug-in.
    • Enhanced memory monitoring metrics for the Hardware plug-in.
    • Support for Windows 2019.
    • Postgresql support for the Gateway Database Logging.
    • Support for MySQL 8, Oracle Database 19c, and MS SQL Server 2017.

Geneos 4.13.x

Released: October 2019

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Anomaly Detection feature now uses data sets from the Gateway Hub with daily and weekly seasonality.
  • Netprobe no longer restarts when you configure certain Java-based plug-ins.
  • Improved support for type trades in FIX Analyser 2.
  • AWS integration now supports configurable aggregation intervals, and user-defined column orders.
  • New debug option in the REST Extractor plug-in now shows HTTP requests and responses.
  • Issues that caused memory leaks on Windows Netprobe were fixed.
  • Updated Netprobe REST API page.
  • Gateway Hub 1.5.0 introduces the following new features:
    • Anomaly detection rules.
    • Kafka publishing filter.
    • Role-based security.

Geneos 4.12.x

Released: July 2019

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Orchestrated Netprobe solution is now available.
  • Active Console is now available on macOS and Ubuntu platforms.
  • Improved Centralised Configuration of Gateways.
  • Improved publishing to Gateway Hub.
  • New Filter in FIX Analyser 2 Message Detector View to filter on Order State.
  • New REST API plug-in is now available for general access.
  • Java plug-in user experience improvements.
  • New Netprobe configuration options for REST API connections.
  • New Netprobe installer option for SSL certificate key.

Geneos 4.11.x

Released: May 2019

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Centralised Gateways allow Gateway to store its setup in the Gateway Hub.
  • Improved the Context-sentive help (CSH) in Gateway Setup Editor (Gateway Setup Editor).
  • Improved responsive design for viewing documentation on mobile.
  • Multiple managed entities are now supported on Self-Announcing Netprobes
  • Netprobe is now available as an RPM package.
  • The Object Inspector dockable that supports the style, properties, and datasets of objects is now available in the Active Dashboard.
  • The REST Extractor plug-in is a new plug-in for reading data from REST API.
  • Set command line arguments from a file.
  • Single sign-on works for Gateway Setup Editor (GSE).
  • New Integrations:

Geneos 4.10.x

Released: January 2019

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • The Show tooltip on hover option was added to dashboard properties.
  • More flexible Active Time configuration to support day of month options.
  • Control-M plug-in based on Control-M's REST API now supports Control-M versions 9.0.18 and above.
  • Gateway command now requires user input for commands that can improve workflow and auditing.
  • Improved integration and self-monitoring of Gateway to Gateway Hub connectivity.
  • Kerberos support for accessing remote configuration files.
  • The Object Inspector was a pilot feature released for which displays some modifiers and links properties of dashboard objects.
  • Password sanitisation in Gateway Setup Editor.
  • User Assignment is now populated from Active Directory users.
  • SampleNow command (executed from Managed entity or Sampler) now updates the currently displayed Metrics dataview.
  • Self-Announcing Netprobes was improved to easily manage large scale dynamic environments.
  • Setup configuration can now be specified from a remote source in the Netprobe.
  • Simplified version of the comments can be enabled in the Gateway Setup Editor.

Geneos 4.9.x

Released: October 2018

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • In the Active Console > Active Pie Chart settings, you can now modify the starting angle by setting the value in the Orientation (degrees) field.
  • It is now possible to create a Bar Chart in Active Dashboard.
  • Encrypt settings now allow you to encrypt settings that cannot be set in cleartext.
  • The Exegy adapter for (Undefined variable: Plug-ins/plug-ins.mdm) plug-in was enhanced.
  • kafkacat is now shipped with Linux 64-bit Gateways.
  • File Keyword Monitor and File Transfer Monitor plug-ins introduce new extended date generation keywords.
  • Operating Environment now instructs the Gateway to reject connections from every component with versions older than the specified version.
  • Improved schema management for Gateway Hub Publishing.
  • Target Marker now converts a dataset into a target marker in Active Charts.
  • Gateway Setup Editor usability improvements.
  • The Database Query Arguments window has been renamed to User Defined Parameters.
  • You can now use Kerberos to connect to Kafka.
  • You can now use SASL authentication for publishing.
  • New Integrations:

Geneos 4.8.x

Released: July 2018

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Gateway Setup Editor continues to support current open format for publishing to Kafka.
  • Easy access to metric and event history in Active Console.
  • File Transfer Monitor plug-in now supports extended date generation keywords.
  • Improved alerting in the Gateway alerts with respect to snoozing in order to reduce the number of alerts triggered.
  • Gateway time zone and offset allows you to issue remote REST commands with "data and time" parameters without having to first calculate the time difference.
  • Gateway Hub Publishing now stores and retrieves metric and event history. This includes event snapshot and snapshots payload schema.
  • Includes Data plug-in in the Gateway was enhanced for you to see the last user who edited a setup file, the name of the workstation, and the Gateway these were authenticated with.
  • Logging of Snoozed and User Assign events was improved to provide full audit trail of activity.
  • JMX port for remote monitoring now monitors the performance of Web Dashboard using new metrics exposed through JMX.
  • Managed Entities plug-in in the Gateway allows you to list the busiest dataviews on a managed entity using a command.
  • Latency library for (Undefined variable: Plug-ins/plug-ins.mdm) plug-in was optimised to improve memory usage.
  • The Workspace settings in the Active Console now include the configuration for Gateway Hub.
  • You can now use a wildcard * to allow global access in the SSO Agent properties.
  • New Integrations:

Geneos 4.7.x

Released: May 2018

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Consistent argument parsing for actions and commands to simplify configuration.
  • Market Data Monitor plug-in introduces ICE Feed Adapter for ICE Market Data Services.
    • Real-time monitoring for consolidated feed provided by ICE Data Services.
  • The scoring criteria in Paths scoring were improved to identify expensive XPath in the Active Console.
  • The behaviour for action and command scripts run on Netprobe and Gateway is now consistent:
    • Gateway Actions and Effects argument parsing behaviour.
    • Gateway commands argument parsing behaviour.
  • The cpuClockSpeed in the Hardware plug-in now displays the maximum speed frequency of the first CPU found by Netprobe.
  • SSL certificate authentication was added for Webslinger.

Geneos 4.6.x

Released: April 2018

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • New monitoring integrations with data storage, messaging, and orchestration platform.
    • Self-contained downloadable packages that can be integrated with many applications and services to collect key performance metrics.
    • Built on core plug-ins and features, such as JMX and Toolkit.
  • Active Console introduces a new path dockable that can display all XPaths and identify which XPaths are likely to be expensive. This enables you to optimise the use of XPaths and improve performance of Active Console.
  • Search results in the Active Console can now be converted into List Views dockable, allowing you to save your favourite search results.
  • New 64-bit Active Console is now available to improve compatibility with 64-bit libraries.
  • Active Dashboard improvements that allow you to:
    • Temporarily hide dashboard objects, allowing you to easily access and edit dashboards.
    • Trigger follow selection events from within dashboards by simulating user selection. This enables more interactive user experience of the dashboards by allowing dashboards to be reconfigured by selecting other dashboard objects.
    • Open multiple links on a dashboard object at the same time.
  • Gateway can now store environment configuration in a more efficient manner, reducing the memory footprint, especially in large setup.
  • New Integrations:

Geneos 4.5.x

Released: January 2018

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Gateway sharing feature is used to export a subset of monitoring data from one Gateway and import it into another. Gateway sharing of commands allows you to apply their own rules on the same set of data, aggregate visualisation of data derived from multiple Gateways, and to easily share data across regions and teams. The ability to share commands along with data provides greater level of access and control over the shared data.
  • Sharing of commands require both Gateways to be using Single Sign On. This ensures existing controls over permissions are maintained.
  • These commands can be shared between Gateways:
    • Probes commands defined by a sampler that run in the Netprobe.
    • User commands defined in the exporting Gateway that run in the Netprobe.
    • Sample Now and View Netprobe log.
    • Snooze commands.
    • User Assignment commands.
    • Show Rules.
  • Heartbeat function for API Stream plug-in now provides better status of the process generating the stream.
  • (Undefined variable: Plug-ins/plug-ins.hardware) plug-in now includes more metrics and provides a consistent view across supported platforms:
    • New metrics include NTP service availability and local clock offset, hardware vendor, CPU model, and clock speed.
    • Replaced the timeDifference metric with ntpAvailability and ntpLocalClockOffset metrics. These two new metrics provide a more accurate measurement for time difference based on NTP service.
    • In case of multi-CPU or multi-cores Windows servers, the cpuUtilisation represents the average across cores/CPUs, instead of the heaviest loaded logical processor.
    • On Solaris, swapUsed is based on swap -l command, instead of swap -s. A new metric called swapUsed (virtual) is available that is based on swap -s command.
    • On Linux and Solaris, cpuUtilisation now takes CPU wait times into account.

Geneos 4.4.x

Released: December 2017

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • A new Single Sign-On and Active Directory integration:
    • Integration with Active Directory that secures centrally managed access, improves audit control, and makes the maintenance easier.
    • Supports passwordless login using Kerberos and NTLM.
    • Compatible with the existing Gateway Roles and Permissions.
  • Gateway Annotations allow you to configure text to be passed into actions and alerts based upon data items on which these are triggered. For example, this makes it possible to place text specific to data items into an email, independent of rules, actions, and effect configuration.
  • Extractor plug-in now supports parsing JSON data for creating dataviews.
  • Extended rule syntax for userdata to support more data types, such as dataview name, managed entity attributes, active, and snooze states. This makes it easier to define userdata directly in rule syntax without having to specify variables.
  • You can now restrict access to Gateway sharing data sets to specific users.
  • Gateway sharing connectivity between Gateways can now use SSL certificate for password less authentication.
  • Active Console to support connecting to Sybase database with password encryption enabled.
  • MQ plug-in supports encrypted password for security exit configuration.

Geneos 4.3.x

Released: October 2017

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Improved load balancing of Self-Announcing Netprobes:
    • The algorithm used to allocate Self-Announcing Netprobes between Gateways has been enhanced so that Gateways can inform each Netprobe about the other Netprobes that are negotiating a connection.
    • This ensures that the load is evenly distributed if many Netprobes are started at once, or if the number of Netprobes have to choose between two or more remaining Gateways when one Gateway stops.
  • Improved password security in the Gateway configuration.
  • JRE and Spring security library updates. 
  • SSL client authentication for Webmon plug-in.
  • Improved X plug-ins connectivity.
  • Improved file name matching for file related plug-ins.

Geneos 4.2.x

Released: August 2017

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Gateway Setup Editor usability improvements include:
    • Number of fixes to improve sizing of input fields.
    • Improved linking to errors in include files so you can quickly identify the correct section of the setup file.
    • GSE now supports copying and pasting named items from one setup file to another. Previously, this was only possible within a setup file.
    • GSE now warns you if the changes that are about to be applied might remove the ability for them to make further changes to the setup.
  • You can now use follow selection paths in the Active Dashboard.
  • Gateway and Netprobe now support SSL verification to establish a secure communication between these Geneos components.
  • Gateway can start up and continue to run when read/write problems are detected in the Gateway cache.
  • Geneos stringList variables can now be used within Rules.

Geneos 4.1.x

Released: May 2017

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Gateway adds new REST endpoints to easily get the list of targets against which to execute commands. This makes it easier to query the Gateway and generate valid targets so that scripts and external applications can execute Gateway commands.
  • Gateway load statistics help monitor Gateway performance include statistics that record time spent on running code related to REST service. This monitors the impact of external scripts and applications executing Gateway commands through the REST interface.
  • Gateway setup validation now allows you to:
    • Validate running Gateways through REST service so that automated checks can be run to make sure best practices and standards are applied consistently.
    • Generate structured output to JSON format that makes it easier to consume by another processes or applications.
  • Gateway supports configuration settings for Dynamic Gateway connections to improve hostname resolutions.
  • Netprobe and Active Console are now supported on Windows Server 2016 operating system.
  • Improved error messages for (Undefined variable: Plug-ins/plug-ins.perfmon) plug-in.

Geneos 4.0.x

Released: February 2017

For detailed release notes, see Geneos 4.x Release Notes.

These are the highlights of this release:

  • Provides an upgrade path to new components and capabilities without breaking existing Geneos 3.x.x deployments.
  • Seamless upgrade from Geneos 3.x.x and all core Geneos components such as Active Console, Netprobe plug-ins, Gateway, Netprobe, and Web Dashboard.
    • All existing Gateway configurations, rules, API plug-in integrations, toolkits, dashboards, and any custom integrations will continue to work with Geneos 4.x.x release.
  • Applications that consume Gateway Published data can now request Gateways to resend directory data information such as probe, managed entity, and attributes. This helps consuming applications to catch up on information about the Gateway directory hierarchy to process consumed messages.
  • Applications that consume Gateway Published data can now request snapshots of a set of dataviews.
  • Gateway Publishing stats utility to understand the amount of data that the Gateway publishes which helps to define resource requirements for the consuming applications.
  • Gateway REST service for Commands now supports ability to get list of all available commands on a specific target for the user whose credentials are used to make the request.
  • New Active Console default workspace with useful list views (Geneos health, assigned to me, snoozed) and a home dashboard to help you get started are now available.
  • Unicode support for Active Dashboard objects.
  • New modifiers for Active Dashboard to link cell value to colour, or to control image, and text transparency.
  • User-defined application name for database connections so database access from Geneos can be easily identified.
  • Support connection authentication for MQ plug-ins to establish a more secure connection to IBM MQ.
  • Support for the following platforms:
    • 64-bit Web Dashboard on Solaris x86 and Sparc.
    • Digitally signed Windows binaries.
    • SAP/Sybase ASE 16.1 and 16.2.
    • MSSQL Server 2016.
    • Postgres 9.5 and 9.6.
    • Mozilla Firefox ESR 45.x, and 49.x.
    • MS Edge 38.
    • Tibco EMS 8.3.
    • IBM MQ 8,0 and 9.0.
    • IBM i 7.2 and 7.3.