ITRS OP5 Monitor Release Notes 8.0.6


Released: 20 August, 2019

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of OP5 Monitor version 8.0.6.

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Compatibility and lifecycle

We support each major release of ITRS OP5 Monitor for 18 months from the release date, and we maintain the last minor release of the most recent major releases.

Release types

The version numbers consist of three digits that represent major, minor, and micro releases. For example, 8.0.6.

ITRS OP5 Monitor continuously introduces new releases, which are considered micro releases:

  • Major versions provide us with an opportunity to introduce features.
  • When there have been enough micro releases that changed the user experience significantly or we introduce new features, we introduce a minor version number.
  • Active maintenance of a minor release implies that we are fixing issues.

See the maintenance policy below:

Version End of life date Maintained until
6.3.x 2 September, 2015 8.0.0
7.1.x 6 April, 2016 7.2.0
7.2.x 16 September, 2016 7.3.0
7.3.x 23 February, 2018 7.4.0
7.4.x 5 March, 2019 7.5.0
7.5.x To be announced 9.0.0
8.0.x To be announced 8.1.0
8.1.x To be announced 8.2.0
8.2.x To be announced 8.3.0
8.3.x To be announced 8.4.0
8.4.x To be announced 10.0.0

New features and enhancements

These are the features and enhancements in this release:

Issue key Component Release description
MON-11466 Livestatus Multitool Daemon (LMD) The root user privileges are no longer required.
MON-11603 GUI There are now titles on all pages in the toolbar in the configuration pages, labels on all drop-downs, and search fields. Headings of forms are now more descriptive, and the number of items now shows on the drop-down.
MON-11628 Ninja There is now a clear warning message during deletions to help reduce the risk of deleting unintended content.
MON-11668 Ninja The log for Ninja is now rotated.
MON-11711 LMD The default log level is now set to Warn, instead of Info.
MON-11718 Plug-in It is now possible to monitor Docker.
MON-11729 GUI Increased the resolution of the product image.
MON-11750 LMD LMD is now aligned with the latest upstream version 1.6.1.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Component Release description
MON-9236 Livestatus, LMD The logs for Livestatus and LMD are now rotated.
MON-11030 Ninja Tooltip is added for Operating Status radio buttons.
MON-11720 LMD Network outages view is now operational.





LMD A value is added to match the available values in livestatus.
MON-11743 Nachos It is now possible to remove all objects from configuration files.
MON-11748 Ninja All text blocks during creation of admin account are now displayed separately.

Known issues

This is the known issue affecting this release:

Issue key Description

Negate rules in the list view work with LMD when simple filters are used. However, when complex filters are used, it causes an error.

Fixed in version 8.0.7 release


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