Geneos Release Notes GA4.13


Released: 8 October, 2019

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA4.13.x.

Geneos GA4.13 continues from our previous production release GA4.12. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

This release delivers the updated binaries in the ITRS Downloads page for:

  • Active Console 2
  • Fix Analyser 2 Netprobe
  • Gateway 2
  • Netprobe
  • Integration template for AWS
  • Webslinger


To view the highlights in this release, see What's New in Geneos.

Geneos compatibility and lifecycle

The notice of change in the Geneos compatibility identifies the components, plug-ins, or features that will be no longer supported by ITRS in any future releases.

To view all the changes to Geneos compatibility and lifecycle, refer to Geneos Compatibility Matrix.

Note: The minimum compatible Geneos version that will work with version 5.0 and above is 3.6. This is related to the LZO compression library being removed in 5.0 onwards.

End of support

The end of support means that the affected component, plug-in, or feature is no longer supported and this ends the release of binaries. The table below lists the affected component, plug-in, or feature:

Notice of change Affected components Effective date Alternatives or Upgrade path
End of support for all Geneos versions GA3.0.x All Geneos components version GA3.0.x 30 October, 2019 Upgrade to Geneos version GA4.x.x or newer.
End of support for Geneos on Red Hat Linux version 5.x All components of Geneos GA5.0 and up. 30 October, 2019 Upgrade to running Geneos on Red Hat version 6 or newer. Alternatively, use Geneos version GA4.x which is still supported on Red Hat 5 for Netprobe only.
End of support for SSO Agent NTLM authentication method SSO Agent 30 October, 2019 Use SSO Agent with Kerberos or HTTP Basic authentication methods.
End of support for all Geneos versions GA3.x.x All Geneos components version GA3.x.x 31 January, 2020 Upgrade to Geneos version GA4.x.x or newer.
End of support for Web Montage Web Montage (Web Services) 31 January, 2020 To be announced.
End of support for Open Access Open Access Cluster Node, Open Access Java Client (API) 31 January, 2020 To be announced.

End of releasing binaries

The end of releasing binaries means that the affected component, plug-in, or feature is no longer getting binaries for certain platforms, but the support continues. The table below lists the affected component, plug-in, or feature:

Notice of change Affected components Effective date Alternatives or Upgrade path
End of releasing binaries for Netprobe for Solaris platforms Netprobe on Solaris (x64 and Sparc) 30 October, 2019

Use Linux, Linux on Power 8, Windows or AIX distribution of Netprobe.

Solaris distribution of Netprobe is still supported for already available versions of GA3.x and GA4.x.


New features and enhancements

These are the features and enhancements in this release:

Issue key Component Release description
AA-5194 Active Console 2, GSE, Gateway, Schema Gateway can now define Anomaly Detection Rules that use Time Series datasets that are provided by Gateway Hub.
AA-5360 Gateway Gateway Hub datasets with weekly seasonality are now supported by Anomaly Detection.
AA-5361 Gateway Gateway Hub now uses the new SSO Agent default (Hub URL instead of port 9999).
COL-7302 Netprobe

Netprobe no longer restarts when:

  • The REST API or REST Extractor sampler is inserted or updated.
  • The JMX Server or JMX Thread Info sampler is inserted or updated, except if the new configuration results in a new iproperties option.
  • The Rest api http port and Rest api https port in the probe setting is updated. 
COL-7522 Netprobe The REST Extractor plug-in now supports debug flags that allow you to log the full HTTP requests and responses.

Issues fixed

These are the issues we have fixed in this release:

Issue key Component Release description
COL-7220 Fix Analyser 2 Netprobe The FIX Analyser 2 plug-in can now support orders with the same ClOrdID and SenderCompID, but with different TargetCompID, found in different FIX logs.
COL-7475 Netprobe The WMI plug-in can now be configured to limit the number of instances displayed in its dataview when in Column Mode.
COL-7663 Netprobe The Netprobe now supports updating the configuration when there are multiple FKM samplers on the same managed entity with the same name.
COL-7664 Netprobe The FKM plug-in now correctly consumes all streams when multiple FKM samplers with the same name are in a single managed entity.
COL-7668 Netprobe The Netprobe setup command on the Windows installer is now able to capture all parameters when installed on the terminal with the parameters passed.
VI-8595 Webslinger HTTP security header is added to prevent attacks based on MIME-type mismatch.
VI-8615 Webslinger The Web server now determines its own hostname instead of trusting the compromised HTTP header because the malicious scripts have been prevented from execution in the host field of an HTTP request to a Web server.

Known issues

These are the known issues affecting this release:

Issue key Known issue description

E4JMS — Non-durables plug-in is not displaying data starting Tibco EMS version 8.0 and newer.

Known issue since: Tibco EMS version 8.0 +

Planned fix version: GA5.0 (end of November 2019)


Any Gateway items such as Scheduled Commands, Active Times, and Snooze periods scheduled for more than 68 years into the future are known to cause issues with Gateway's ability to process any commands of type Task, to exit from a configured startup delay in applying rules, or to process Scheduled Commands or Active Times. This is particularly noticeable in the 64-bit Gateways.

Known issue since: GA3.x.x

Planned fix version: GA4.13.1 (end of October 2019)


SSO-enabled Web Dashboard and Webslinger do not currently work with SSO Agent in the Gateway Hub. It works when connecting to a standalone SSO Agent or when SSO is disabled.

This involves a fix for SSO Agent in the Gateway Hub.

Known issue since: GA4.13.0

Planned fix version: GA5.0.0 (end of November 2019)


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