Geneos Release Notes GA4.9


Released: 31 October 2018

Last updated: 14 January 2019

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA 4.9.x.

Geneos GA4.9 continues from our previous production release GA4.8. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

Note: We identified an issue where some users were unable to save workspaces after upgrading to GA4.9.0 release of Active Console 2. This issue is fixed and an updated Active Console 2 GA4.9.1 release is available to download. If you have downloaded GA4.9.0 release of Active Console 2, we recommend you upgrade to GA4.9.1.


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Recent Integrations

Breaking changes

Commands, Actions and Effects

GA4.7 release introduced changes to the way arguments are parsed to Commands, Actions and Effects.

These changes were required to provide consistent behaviour and understanding across both Netprobe and Gateway to simplify user experience.

We strongly recommend you check the configuration and behaviour of any Commands, Actions and Effects before deploying to production.

For more information, see Commands, Actions and Effects.

Geneos compatibility and lifecycle

Notice of change Affected components End of support date Alternative or update path
End of support for End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) Netprobe and Plug-in EUEM Netprobe and Plug-in 30 April, 2019 ITRS Synthetic Monitoring
End of support for FIX Plug-in FIX Plug-in 30 April, 2019 Fix Analyser 2 Plug-in
End of support for all Geneos versions GA3.0.x All Geneos components version GA3.0.x 31 July, 2019 Upgrade to Geneos version GA4.x.x or newer
End of support for all Geneos versions GA3.x.x All Geneos components version GA3.x.x 31 January, 2020 Upgrade to Geneos version GA4.x.x or newer

For all upcoming changes to Geneos compatibility and lifecycle, please refer to Geneos Compatibility Matrix.

Issues fixed

Issue type Issue key Release component Release description
Release GA4.9.0
Bug AA-4271 Active Console 2, GSE, ATS, EUEM Netprobe, Gateway, and Netprobe

Reverses DNS Timeout.

When reverse DNS lookups take too long, these are suspended for a configurable length of time.

Story AA-4471 Gateway

When Gateway starts and when it applies setup changes, it rereads the snooze and user assignment files.

When an expiry time specified for snoozed or assigned items has been reached or an "until changed" value has changed, the item is unsnoozed or unassigned.

This type of event is now recorded (if database logging is enabled) or published (if publishing is enabled or the Gateway Hub connection is configured.)

Bug AA-4480 Gateway Long lines (for example, extremely long xpaths) do not break snooze and user assignment file processing.
Story AA-4516 Active Console 2, GSE When configuring setup file permissions, users are now able to select include files from a drop-down menu.
Bug AA-4522 Express Reports Fixes an issue that prevents the generation of the event summary at the end of a managed variables per managed entity trend report.
Story AA-4558 Gateway

Allows connection to Kafka using SASL Plaintext authentication.

This can be done over plain sockets or over SSL .

Story AA-4559 Gateway Adds kafkacat to Gateway bundle on linux_64.
Story AA-4560 Gateway Allows geneos-adapter-kafka to use Kerberos to authorise the connection.
Bug AA-4567 Gateway

The error "Sampler '*XXX*' contains no schema definition. This must only be output when a sampler is reachable.

A sampler is considered reachable if:

  • It is directly referenced by an enabled managed entity and that managed entity references a valid probe.
  • It is indirectly referenced by an enabled managed entity through a type and that managed entity references a valid probe.
  • The sampler is referenced by a type and self announcing probes are enabled. This means that the sampler is potentially reachable.
Bug AA-4569 Gateway If an item is assigned to a user until value changes, or the item becomes absent and then reappears with a changed value, then the Gateway correctly clears the assignment immediately.
Story AA-4576 Gateway

Sets minimum component versions that are allowed to connect to Gateway.

Restricts components that can connect to a Gateway by age. It possible to configure components and a minimum allowable version. Connections from a matching component of earlier version are rejected.

Story AA-4579 Gateway, Schema The Gateway setup schema for Publishing has been enhanced so this can be specified securely in GSE, where the Kafka adapter requires settings (such as passwords) that cannot be set in plain text.
Story AA-4584 Active Console 2, GSE

GSE now provides the Paste Schema option to create sampler schemas as static variables.

If the clipboard contains schema definitions for one or more dataviews (for example, the output of the Propose Schema command), the Paste Schema option is available on the context menu for Static Variables > Sampler-schemas and for any groups contained within it.

Story AA-4586 Active Console 2, GSE, Gateway Recorder, License Daemon, Netprobe, and Gateway

TLS connections supported up to TLS 1.2. A minimum supported TLS version can be specified on the command line using -minTLSvsion number. Where, this number can be one of 1, 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.

Netprobe, Gateway, Webslinger, licd have the new command line argument.

Gateway Recorder can set a minimum version through the MIN_TLS_VERSION environment variable.

Active Console 2 negotiates the best possible version on connection. However, if you use an older active console and specify -minTLSversion 1.2 for example, it fails to connect.

Failed attempts to connect securely result in the error message, as the unsupported protocols are effectively removed:

ERROR: SSLConnector:accept SSL Error:[140760fc] SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO:unknown protocol

Bug AA-4588 Gateway Restarting the Gateway without the -skip-cache option after a data directory has been set up, no longer causes the Gateway to fail validation and exit.
Story AA-4598 Gateway Improves setup validation errors for schemas, such that it is clearer on what the error is and what must be done to resolve it.
Bug AA-4602 Netprobe Listening on a port can be disabled by passing the value none to command-line argument -listenip or setting it as the value of environment variable LISTEN_IP.
Bug AA-4640 Gateway Correction to publishing schema.
Bug AA-4642 Gateway Correction to publishing schema for MQ-Queue plug-in.
Story AA-4645 Gateway

Adds support for exceptions to standardised formatting.

If the exception text is found as the value of a published cell, then no formatting is applied and no error is logged:

  • For the existing publishing format, the data is published unchanged.
  • For publishing to Gateway Hub, the exception is published as "N/A" to enable Hub to recognise and process.
Story AA-4656 Gateway

The /USERASSIGNMENT::assignUntilDateTime command now accepts an optional timezone as part of its Time argument.

If no timezone is specified, the Gateway's timezone is used.

Story AA-4660 Gateway Propose schema command now works even if publishing to Gateway Hub is disabled.
Story AA-4666 Gateway

Adds the Show Current Schema command.

This can be run from either a sampler or a dataview and returns a list of all schemas configured for this sampler.

Story AA-4676 Active Console 2, GSE Adds the Gateway Hub icon to the GSE's navigation tree.
Story AA-4697 Gateway Adds ability to view the effective schema of a sample that is sent to Gateway Hub inside the Gateway Setup Editor.
Story AA-4698 Gateway Propose schema can now be called from GSE, as well as in Active Console 2.
Bug AA-4713 Gateway

Allows ProposeSchema to process dataviews with & in column and headline names.

Allows ProposeSchema to process dataviews with & in row names when pivot dataview is in effect.

Bug AA-4758 Gateway

The Gateway Hub publishing schema for the WTS Sessions plug-in has been amended to include all the optional columns based on performance counters.

Two columns which are displayed only for Citrix servers have also been included.

Bug AA-4761 Gateway Gateway no longer generates No schema defined errors if publishing to Gateway Hub is disabled.
Bug AA-4820 Gateway Adds missing System Model and System Type columns for the NT-Hardware dataview of the Hardware plug-in.
Bug AA-4823 Gateway Updates the type of percentCPU, percentMemory, percentPrivilegedTime, percentSCPU and percentUser columns of the Processes plug-in to float32.
Bug AA-4825 Gateway Adds the connectedUser column to Gateway-exportedData plug-in schema.
Bug AA-4843 Gateway The WTS-SESSIONS schema for Gateway Hub publishing is corrected.
Bug AA-4845 Gateway

The Propose Schema command is now able to handle the rowname column of the CPU sampler on Windows.

Improves error messages returned by the Propose Schema command when the rowname column of the dataview and its schema are inconsistent.

Bug AA-4848 Gateway Updates the units of pageFileBytes and pageFileBytesPeak of the Processes plug-in schema to kibibytes.
Bug AA-4849 Gateway

If a plug-in publishes a dataview with a varying number of rows and the dataview is pivoted, Gateway now logs an error message and stops attempting to publish the view.

Previously, Gateway was repeatedly logging an information message to indicate that it was ignoring an update.

Bug AA-4865 Gateway Updates the types of columns threadCpuTime and threadUserTime of the JMX-THREADINFO plug-in schema from int32 to int64.
Story COL-5815 Netprobe Updates the Bloomberg Library (BLPAPI) used by Bloomberg BPIPE and Bloomberg MDM Feed Adapter to
Story COL-5951 Netprobe Modifies the Webmon plug-in implementation so that it is still able to extract available responseCode and responseText from an HTTP response status even when the code or text is missing.
Story COL-6245 FKM Plug-in Extended date tag expansion in filenames and keys in FKM.
Story COL-6305 Netprobe Increases the list Exegy instrument fields to subscribe into.
Bug COL-6306 Netprobe The Windows Netprobe snmptrapmon crash issue when receiving snmp-v2 trap is fixed.
Story COL-6316 Netprobe The Commodity market class support in Exegy adapter is added.
Story COL-6333 FTM Plug-in The FKM's date tag expansion logic on FTM plug-in is implemented.
Story COL-6336 Netprobe Handled Trade, Correction, Cancel, Order Imbalance, Trading Action Equity events, and retrieved the value of common group field associated with each event.
Bug COL-6339 Netprobe The issue in RFA Feed Adapter where blank fields are not reflected as blank in the tick data is fixed.
Story COL-6340 Control-M BMC Control-M Plug-in requires and is only supported in Java 8.
Story COL-6346 Citrix XenApp monitoring Citrix Summary/Session integration template to replace deprecated Citrix Plug-ins.
Story COL-6366 Netprobe Upgrades the MDM Exegy library version to 3.13.2.
Story COL-6375 Netprobe Creates a toolkit sampler that monitors Citrix XenApp running published application.
Story COL-6376 Netprobe Creates a toolkit sampler that monitors Citrix Processes started by remote login.
Story VI-2744 Active Console 2, GSE Configured Command Groups are now included in the Permissions summary section.
Story VI-3343 Active Console 2, GSE Main File is now included in the Permissions summary section.
Bug VI-3625 Active Console 2, GSE Red highlight that indicates a GSE validation error is now cleared everywhere after performing a new setup validation.
Story VI-4359 Active Console 2, GSE

User input has been made more convenient for commands with a "time in seconds" input argument.

When an argument of this type is configured, if the initial value is specified as "0" (that is, the Unix epoch, or 1970-01-01 00:00 UTC), then the default shown to the user is the current time when the command is invoked.

A calendar control can be used, as previously, to adjust this if required. This saves the user having to click to view the calendar control, then press the Now button and then click again to adjust the time.

When the Gateway Setup Editor is used to set the initial value for a "time in seconds" argument, it defaults to 1970-01-01 00:00 UTC and can be reset to this value by clicking the None button that appears in the calendar control.

Story VI-5383 Active Console 2, GSE The Copy Attributes option from the right-click context menu of the GSE navigation panel is removed.
Story VI-7248 Active Console 2, GSE When you double-click an error in the errors dockable, and if the error is located in a row of a table, then the whole row is highlighted in addition to the erroneous component.
Bug VI-7421 Active Console 2, GSE When invalid URL is set for SSO Agent URL, AC2 displays a user readable error message upon logging in to indicate failure.
Bug VI-7425 Active Console 2, GSE When adding a new Include file in GSE, its title is not appended with numbers.
Story VI-7449 Webslinger Webslinger SSO groups may now contain wildcards.
Bug VI-7474 Active Console 2, GSE The score for the path //headline/cell is corrected.
Story VI-7510 Active Console 2, GSE The scrolling experience in Gateway Setup Editor is improved.
Bug VI-7527 Active Console 2, GSE

Gateway Setup Editor now processes changes as you type for most text settings that appear within tables.

Improves the behaviour of the Save icon and the coloured dots that indicate if a setting is valid in its context.

Story VI-7558 Active Console 2, GSE The Dataview Schema summary section now only displays the value of the Publish flag.
Story VI-7559 Active Console 2, GSE The checkbox for the Pivot flag in the Dataview Schema configuration is no longer displayed by default, unless it is set through GSE or in XML.
Story VI-7566 Active Console 2 Creates a new Orientation (degrees) property for Pie Chart in Pie Chart Settings > General Settings.
Story VI-7582 Active Console 2, GSE Removes the Connection drop-down list UI from Database Query Arguments window.
Story VI-7606 Active Console 2, GSE Adds capacity for AC2 to connect to more than 64 Gateways.
Bug VI-7609 Active Console 2, GSE

When the pie has only once slice, it sets its degree coverage to 360.

Sometimes, when slices are removed, the computation for the remaining slice is off by a fraction and does not cover the full 360 degrees.

Bug VI-7631 Active Console 2, GSE It is now using an actual error message sent by the hub sdk, instead of using a fixed response.
Story VI-7638 Active Console 2, GSE

The user can convert a line chart into a target marker line chart.

The chart updates upon converting the data set into a target marker .

Story VI-7650 Active Console 2, GSE Validation checks are now performed when applying changes to the SSO Agent URL property.
Bug VI-7686 Active Console 2, GSE AC2 Advanced settings do not retain invalid values when closed.
Bug VI-7801 Web Server/Web Dashboard


Upgraded the following libraries:

  • ActiveMQ library from 5.14.1 to 5.15.6
  • Commons-fileupload library from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3
  • Xalan library from 2.7.1 to 2.7.2,
  • xercesImpl.jar to xercesImpl-2.11.0.SP1.jar
  • Included xml-apis.jar in geneos-web-server build.xml
Bug VI-7830 Active Console 2 Fixes the issue where Active Console is showing an error when loading and saving an older version of workspace.
Release GA4.9.1
Bug VI-7830 Active Console 2 Fixes the issue where Active Console is showing an error when loading and saving an older version of workspace.
Story PSP-42 Velocimetrics Health Creates a JMX-template to monitor the health of the VMX server.
Release GA4.9.2
Bug COL-5741 Fix-Analyser 2, Netprobe Fix Analyser 2 session status should properly update to Down whenever a log out reply is received for a failed log on.
Bug COL-6109 Netprobe Fixes issue wherein Mibmon cannot run properly when it is present in the same probe as Trapmon.
Bug COL-6146 Netprobe Shows the timeDifference metric again in Hardware plug-in dataview. This is useful when NTP is not available.
Bug COL-6237 Netprobe Modifies Netprobe to link the net-snmp library as a DLL.
Bug COL-6382 Netprobe Fixes an issue in RMS:put wherein the operation is appending to the beginning of the existing file, instead of overwriting the file.
Bug COL-6466 Netprobe Modifies the MDM plug-in "content" xpath to match what is used in GSE.
Story VI-7712 Web Server Adds security response headers for web dashboard (these headers have not yet been included in the web server logon page).
Bug VI-7726 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor When opening dashboard objects' XPath URLs, results are displayed on a single search result tab named Opened Data Items(s). New search result tabs should not be opened.
Bug VI-7753 Web Server Web Server logs Gateway rejection when minimum component version is below the set value in GSE.
Bug VI-7760 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor For XPath location attributes, treat the backslash character (\) as a string and not an escape character. Interpreting it as an escape character makes the parsing incorrect.
Bug VI-7804 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor, Web Server Prevents crash when processing (loading) multiple dashboards at the same time.
Bug VI-7837 Web Server Web Dashboard with authentication no longer displays dashboards before authentication
Release GA4.9.3
Story COL-6551 Azure Integration template The Azure Monitor Integration enables users to monitor their applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. It retrieves platform and application, health and performance metrics, and metadata directly from the Azure Monitor API.
Story COL-6550 Google Stackdriver Integration template The Google Stackdriver Integration enables users to monitor their applications on the Google Cloud Platform. It retrieves platform and application, health and performance metrics, and metadata directly from the Google Stackdriver API.
Story AA-5011 Gateway 2 Disabled Command sharing when SSO pem is not defined in the Importing Gateway setup to improve the connection of Gateway with Active Console 2.
Story UTL-1066 SSO Agent Regular expression pattern matching is automatically enabled for redirect URLs that start with "^".
Story UTL-1057 SSO Agent

SSO Agent is enhanced to include a group filter setting that reduces the number of groups returned by AD.

This is a useful feature to have where users belong to many groups, but only a known subset are needed for Geneos authorisation. For example:

	"location": "ldap://",
	"secure": false,
	"base": "OU=Global,DC=ldn,DC=itrs",
	"user": "XXX",
	"password": "YYY",
"fields": {
	"user": "sAMAccountName",
	"displayname": "displayname",
	"email": "mail"
	"group_filter": "^[A-Z]"
Story UTL-1075 SSO Agent

Allows CORS from defined origins for specific URL methods.

This feature can be enabled by setting server.cors.* values in the SSO-Agent configuration file.

Story UTL-1073 SSO Agent

Adds optional endpoint /groups/users to SSO-Agent.

This is used by SSO enabled Gateways to obtain the list of users that the AC2/Web Dashboard presents as assignable users when running the User Assignment commands.

Story UTL-1055 SSO Agent

Adds the ldap.query_filter to work in conjunction with ldap.user_class.

The ldap.query_filter allows the user to make their ldap search more specific using fields like objectcategory.

See the example below searches only for people in the user category. If set, this overrides the user_class settings which is used to set "objectclass" in the search query. If both are not in the setup, then user_class defaults to "user".

"ldap" section:
	"query_filter" : "(objectCategory=person)(objectClass=user)",
Story UTL-1042 SSO Agent

Adds a new public endpoint to SSO Agent (/public_key) that provides the agent's public key in PEM format.

It is disabled by default and can be enabled through the enable_public_key_endpoint configuration option.

Bug UTL-1077 SSO Agent Blank username is no longer accepted for basic authentication.
Bug UTL-1078 SSO Agent Fixes a bug wherein, if the LDAP server allows anonymous access, then the user can login without a password.

Known issues

These are the notable known issues affecting Geneos GA4.9.x:

Issue key Affected component Description
VI-7830 Active Console 2

Unable to save Active Console workspace after upgrading from 4.x to 4.9.0.

Known issue since: GA4.9.0

Fixed in version: GA4.9.1

COL-6345 FKM Plug-in

The use of a wildcard ("*") in a filename in FKM running on a Windows Netprobe overrides other text.

For exampple, _C:\TEMP\*.log_ will also match _C:\TEMP\Reporting.log _ _. This appears to have been introduced as part of the fixes around case insensitive matching.

Known issue since: GA4.3.0

Planned fix version: GA4.10.0 (end of January 2019)

COL-6166 FKM Plug-in

The new file matching code introduced to FKM in GA4.3.0 returns a permission error on Windows platforms ("NOT_FOUND") if an intermediate directory does not have appropriately open permissions.

This is because the _findMatchingFiles()_ function needs to traverse the file path starting from the top or parent directory and continues to traverse through succeeding directories until it reaches the last/target directory level. Any permission issue that is encountered while traversing these directories breaks the traversal.

Known issue since: GA4.3.0

Planned fix version: GA4.10.0 (end of January 2019)

COL-6237 Mibmon Plug-in

We have received multiple reports of the 64-bit Windows Netprobe that crashes intermittently with MIB-MON.

The issue is likely caused by net-snmp third-party library. If you require MIB-MON on Windows (and you cannot, for example, deploy a Linux Netprobe), then please consider remaining on a 32-bit release at the moment.

Known issue since: GA4.0.0 (initial release of 64-bit Windows Netprobe)

Fixed in version: GA4.9.2

COL-6109 Mibmon Plug-in

MIB-MON does not work in the same Netprobe instance as Trapmon. When Trapmon is configured, it sets a flag to the net-snmp library that is not compatible with MIB-MONs usage of the same libraries.

Known issue since: GA4.1.0

Fixed in version: GA4.9.2

COL-5741 Fix Analyser 2 Plug-in

The status remains Pending even if there are heartbeat messages after login and logoff.

Fixed in version: GA4.9.2

COL-6261 Netprobe

The 64-bit Windows Netprobe does not correctly install and run on Windows Server 2008 (Build 6001). The _K32GetModuleFileNameExA_ error message appears. As the investigations continue, the only workaround for this OS version is to continue using the 32-bit Netprobe build.

Known issue since: GA4.0.0 (first 64-bit Windows build)

Planned fix version: GA4.10.0 (end of January 2019)

AA-4703 Gateway

When a Command is given the same label as a containing Command Group, then Gateway may (very likely) crash on saving the configuration.

Planned fix version: GA4.10.0 (end of January 2019)

VI-7723 Active Console 2, Gateway Setup Editor

SampleNow command (executed from ME or Sampler) fails to update the sample time displayed in Metric View.

Planned fix version: GA4.10.0 (end of January 2019)


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