Geneos Release Notes GA4.8


Released: 31 July, 2018

Last updated: 12 October, 2018

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA 4.8.x.

Geneos GA4.8 continues from our previous production release GA4.7. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.

Note: We discovered an issue in GA4.8.0 release of Gateway 2 when primary and secondary Gateways are started with Gateway publishing enabled, an error is encountered. This issue is fixed and an updated Gateway 2 version GA4.8.1 is available to download. If you have downloaded GA4.8.0 version of Gateway 2, we recommend you upgrade to GA4.8.1.

Geneos Web Dashboard version GA4.8.2 is now available which resolves security vulnerability in spring framework. The following CVEs are addressed: CVE-2018-1270, CVE-2018-1275, CVE-2018-1199, CVE-2018-1271, and CVE-2018-1272.


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Breaking changes

Commands, Actions and Effects

GA4.7 release introduced changes to the way arguments are parsed to Commands, Actions and Effects.

These changes were required to provide consistent behaviour and understanding across both Netprobe and Gateway to simplify user experience.

We strongly recommend you check the configuration and behaviour of any Commands, Actions and Effects before deploying to production.

For more information, see Commands, Actions and Effects.

Issues fixed

These are the issues fixed, such as bug and story, in the release:

Issue type Issue key Release component Release description
Bug VI-7291 Active Console 2 Subscribes sync level of a list view item to full if added, and remove the subscription if removed.
Bug VI-1375 Active Console 2 Fixes issue where report files are not created when AC2 workspace is reloaded.
Bug VI-7191 Active Console 2 dataitem -> Open command now opens the dataview of the selected cell in the current metrics dockable.
Bug VI-7433 Active Console 2 Extra modifiers are added to a custom tool (created from ITRS Dark Theme Shapes) and other shapes with modifiers applied will not be removed when dragged to and from the Active Dashboard Palette.
Bug COL-550 FTM Plug-in FTM Plugin now works when combining date generation keyword like <yesterday><today>.
Bug AA-4402 Gateway 2

When either the /SNOOZE:unsnoozeAbsentItems or the /USERASSIGNMENT:unassignAbsentItems command is used, Gateway will now log and publish unsnooze or unassign events for the items which are unsnoozed or unassigned, as long as database logging or gateway publishing is enabled.

Note that the target object of the messages published for these events will not include the filter sub-object: this is because the information required to populate this is not available for items which are no longer present.

Bug AA-4592 Gateway 2 Standardised formats now correctly apply to samplers in sampler groups.
Bug AA-4530 Gateway 2 Gateway now correctly respects the '-resources-dir' command line option when reading data from resources/standardisedformats/formats.json
Bug AA-4435 Gateway 2 When data items are removed due to configuration changes, publishing now sends severity delete messages for cells with defined severity.
Bug AA-4425 Gateway 2 Messages written to the metadata.snooze publishing topic now use the current time as the timestamp. (Previously the original snooze time was used.)
Bug AA-4321 Gateway 2, Netprobe


Updates the log archive script logging in the Gateway. Only one of the following INFO messages is now logged on Gateway startup or after a setup change based on the following conditions:

  • Environment variable LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT is not set, and log archive script is not set in the setup/XML. "Log archive script is not set."
  • Environment variable LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT is not set, and log archive script set in the setup/XML. "Log archive script set to: '<Log_Archive_Script>'."
  • Environment variable is LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT set and log archive script set in the setup/XML. "Log archive script set to: '<Log_Archive_Script>'. Overrides environment variable LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT."
  • Environment variable LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT is set, and log archive script is not set in the setup/XML. "Log archive script set to: '<Log_Archive_Script>'. Set in environment variable LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT."

A message is always logged on startup.

A message is logged after a setup change only if the value of the log archive script has changed.


Adds the log archive script logging in the Netprobe. Only one of the following messages is logged once on Netprobe startup:

  • Environment variable LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT is not set. "INFO: Log archive script is not set."
  • Environment variable LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT is set. "INFO: Log archive script set to: '<Log_Archive_Script>'. Set in environment variable LOG_ARCHIVE_SCRIPT."

A message is always logged on startup.

Bug COL-6217 MDM Plug-in Optimises Lua memory usage of MDM plug-in.
Bug COL-811 Netprobe Auto-detected disk partitions with comma in their names are handled properly.
Bug COL-821 Processes Plug-in Fixes issue where the summary row of processes do not reflect the total for residentSetSize, precentMemory, and virtualMemory.
Bug COL-1201 Unix Users Plug-in Prevents Unix-Users plugin to spill the row data to the next row when current running terminal command is too long.
Story VI-7540 Active Console 2 In the Source dropdown of the Import Events modal, items are now appended with either (Database) or (Gateway Hub) depending on what type of source is configured.
Story VI-7424 Active Console 2 Removes mscrt.windows_64.tar.gz from AC2 package.
Story VI-7322 Active Console 2 Users can now select between database and Gateway Hub as data sources for historical charts.
Story VI-7497 Active Console 2 Functionality to import event log data using Gateway Hub.
Story COL-4047 FTM Plug-in Support for offsets in today, previous_monitored_day & next_monitored_day date tags in the FTM and FKM plug-ins is added.
Story COL-3563 FTM Plug-in Support for offsets in today, previous_monitored_day & next_monitored_day date tags in the FTM plug-in is added.
Story COL-6262 FTM Plug-in Support for today date tag in which an offset can be defined e.g. <today+X...>, where X will be the days to be added on top of the current date is added.
Story COL-6287 FTM Plug-in Support offset in <previous_monitored_day> and <next_monitored_day> is added.
Story AA-4436 Gateway Hub 2

Detects Kafka queue is full and throttle sending of messages.

When it is detected that the kafka publishing queue is full. Sending will be throttled. On resuming publishing the number of discarded messages will be reported.

Story AA-4363 Gateway 2

The following attributes are now available in metadata.severity messages:

  • 'snoozed': Indicates whether or not the target data item is snoozed.
  • 'snoozedParents': Indicates the number of snoozed parent data items.
  • 'userAssigned': Indicated whether or not the target data item is assigned to a user.
Story AA-4353 Gateway 2

The Kafka adapter used by the Gateway now reads from all partitions of the "requests" topic. Previously it would assume that the topic would be created with only one partition and only read from partition 0.

If the script supplied with the Gateway (resources/kafka/ is used to create the Kafka topics used for Gateway Publishing, the topic from which it reads snapshot and similar requests will be created with only one partition. However, if the topics are created dynamically, the number of partitions will depend the configuration of the Kafka broker cluster.

Story AA-4295 Gateway 2 The option to right-click on the busiestView cell in Gateway-ProbeData dataview go to the source dataview is added.
Story AA-4361 Gateway 2 The Debug options for Publishing and Gateway Hub Publishing to GSE operationg environment setup is added.
Story AA-4487 Gateway 2 GSE now provides a context menu item on a Sampler which allows schema information, generated by the use of the new ProposeSchema command, to be pasted into the definition of the sampler.
Story AA-4477 Gateway 2

Propose schema for sampler and its dataviews.

Command : /GATEWAYHUB:ProposeSchema


  • geneos/gateway/directory/probe/managedEntity/sampler/dataview//cell");
  • /geneos/gateway/directory/probe/managedEntity/sampler/dataview");
  • /geneos/gateway/directory/probe/managedEntity/sampler");

Label: Propose schema

Description: Generate XML to paste into dataview schema definition

For each dataview in the given sampler, generates XML schema definition for headlines and columns not already described in an associated schema. Two column tables will be pivoted with a comment explaining that this is suggested way to do this.

The command will attempt to deduce the types of columns and headlines from the contained in the dataview. Units of measure will have to be supplied by the user post generation

Story AA-4391 Gateway 2

Gateway Publishing supports the snapshot requests for snooze, user assignment and severity data, using a similar syntax to the existing metrics snapshot request. As with metrics snapshots, a snapshot request specifies a number of dataviews for which current data will be published. Data is also be published for the parent items (samplers, managed entities, probes and gateway) of the specified dataviews.

Note: This comment applies to the parent epic. This story allows Gateway to accept the requests, but does not implement the responses.

Story AA-4318 Gateway 2 The Gateway Includes Data plug-in has additional columns (where the data is available) for the last user to edit the setup, which Gateway they were on and from which workstation.
Story AA-4422 Gateway 2 The Gateway REST API supports an endpoint that retrieves the gateway time and timezone.
Story AA-4287 Gateway 2 Adds the ability to specify an optional timezone region when entering the time for the /SNOOZE:until (DateTime option) and the /SNOOZE:untilDateTime commands (e.g. 18:00 Europe/London). if no timezone region is provided, the Gateway's timezone is used.
Story AA-4291 Gateway 2 Adds the optional netprobeTime field for enriched dataviews. This will be the sample time at Netprobe, whereas the timestamp will reflect the time of enrichment.
Story AA-4296 Gateway 2

New columns for Gateway-ManagedEntityData:

  • dataviewCount — number of dataviews on managed entity.
  • cellCount — total number of cells in busiest dataview.

New Command "/GATEWAY:MANAGEDENTITYDATA:VIEWBUSIEST" on dataviewCount cell to list dataviews from busiest to least busy.

Story AA-4370 Gateway 2 Publishes Probe Up/Down events to IAF.
Story AA-4315 Gateway Setup Editor The Gateway user is now used as the author of the main setup file when Gateway authentication is enabled.
Story COL-6304 Integration Template Adds publishing schema to integration templates.
Story COL-4811 MDM Plug-in Updates QuantFeed library api to version
Story COL-5740 MDM Plug-in RFA v8 upgrade for Windows x64, Linux x64 and Solaris x86_64
Story VI-7446 Web Dashboard Adds the implementation for asterisk (*) when setting an authorised user groups.
Story VI-7526 Web Dasboard

Adds a new MBean — DashboardMonitor.

This MBean has these attributes:

  • DashboardInformation
  • DashboardsCount
Story VI-7499 Web Dashboard Dashboard count statistics are available.
Story VI-7388 Web Dasbhoard

Shows some Gateway attributes as part of MBeans:

  • name
  • versionString
  • statusInfo
  • connectionState
  • isConnected
  • isConnectedToSecondary
  • hostNameAndPort
  • primaryHostAndPort
  • secondaryHostAndPort
Story VI-7364 Webslinger Adds ability to have spaces in SSO_KEYFILE and GROUPS settings in the webslinger configuration file.
Story AA-4542 Gateway 2 Adds validation of Gateway Hub Rest endpoints to the GSE.
Bug AA-4546 Gateway 2 Removes erroneous error messages issued by the EnvironmentProcessor module regarding duplicate macro entries.
Bug AA-4503 Gateway 2 View variables command shows macros if no variables are found.
Bug AA-4721 Gateway 2 Removes unneeded columns from NET-PING sampler schema.
Bug AA-4718 Gateway 2 Secondary Gateway connects to kafka request topic when inactive.
Bug VI-7418 Webslinger Explicitly sets the path of the session cookie such that only a single cookie with a given session key exists at any time.
Bug VI-7517 Active Console 2 Fixes an issue where SSO Login does not work when a user has a lot of AD user groups.
Bug VI-7762 Web Dashboard

Spring-framework upgraded from 4.3.10 to 4.3.19, spring-security from 4.2.3 to 4.2.8.

The following CVEs are addressed: CVE-2018-1270, CVE-2018-1275, CVE-2018-1199, CVE-2018-1271, CVE-2018-1272.

Bug VI-7823 Webslinger Addresses the Cross Site scripting vulnerability.

Known issues

These are the known issues affecting this release:

Affected component Known issue description
FKM Plug-in

The use of a wildcard ("*") in a filename in FKM running on a Windows Netprobe overrides other text. For example, _C:\TEMP\*.log_ will also match _C:\TEMP\Reporting.log _ _ This appears to have been introduced as part of the fixes around case insensitive matching.

Know issue since: GA4.3.0


The 64-bit Windows Netprobe will not correctly install and run on Windows Server 2008 (Build 6001). You will see a _K32GetModuleFileNameExA_ error. Investigations continue. The only workaround for this OS version is to continue using the 32-bit Netprobe build.

Known issue since: GA4.0.0 (first 64-bit Windows build)

Mibmon Plug-in Known issue since: GA4.0.0 (initial release of 64-bit Windows Netprobe)
FKM Plug-in

The new file matching code introduced to FKM in GA4.3.0 will return a permission error on Windows platforms ("NOT_FOUND") if an intermediate directory does not have appropriately open permissions.

This is because the _findMatchingFiles()_Â function needs to traverse the file path starting from the top or parent directory and will continue to traverse through succeeding directories, until it reaches the last/target directory level. Any permission issue that will be encountered while traversing these directories will break the traversal.

Known issue since: GA4.3.0

Mibmon Plug-in

MIB-MON will not work in the same Netprobe instance as Trapmon. When Trapmon is configured, it sets a flag to the _netsnmp_ library that is not compatible with MIB-MONs usage of the same libraries.

Known Issue Since: GA4.1.0

Gateway 2 When a Command is given the same Label as a containing Command Group then gateway may (very likely) crash on saving the configuration.

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