Geneos Release Notes GA4.7


Released: 31 May, 2018

Last updated: 7 June, 2018

ITRS is pleased to announce the release of Geneos GA 4.7.x.

Geneos GA4.7 continues from our previous production release GA4.6. Geneos release notes contain the list of enhancement of features, and set of issues fixed in the current release.


To view the highlights in the Geneos release, see What's New.

Breaking changes

Commands, Actions and Effects

GA4.7 release introduced changes to the way arguments are parsed to Commands, Actions and Effects.

These changes were required to provide consistent behaviour and understanding across both Netprobe and Gateway to simplify user experience.

We strongly recommend you check the configuration and behaviour of any Commands, Actions and Effects before deploying to production.

For more information, see Commands, Actions and Effects.

Issues fixed

These are the issues fixed, such as bug and story, in the release:

Issue type Issue key Release component Release description
Bug VI-7356

Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Default suggested path under 'Configure Metrics Table' is supported and editable through Basic Path Editor.
Bug VI-7348 Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

The GSE Save button is correctly activated when sections of the configuration have been added or removed (example, Listen ports).
Bug VI-7347 Webslinger Attribute names in Webslinger's VIEW_PATH setup option can contain spaces.
Story VI-7313 Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Resolves memory leak for Re-populate charts with Historic data for Active Charts.
Story VI-7308

Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Paths dockable has a score column that computes the XPath score.
Story VI-7302 Webslinger

If WEB_SERVICE_URL contains a port, Webslinger will not append its LISTEN_PORT when constructing the redirect URI to communicate with the SSO Agent.

If WEB_SERVICE_URL does not contain a port, Webslinger will append its LISTEN_PORT when constructing the redirect URI to communicate with the SSO Agent.

Story VI-7301 Webslinger

Adds the SSL Certificate authentication to Webslinger when connecting to a secure Gateway:

  • The following option can be added at the end of the secure gateway line AUTHENTICATION_METHOD = SSL
  • The authentication credentials may only contain a username (example, AUTHENTICATION = itrsUser1).
Bug VI-7286

Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Removes the automatically added DataSet for Half Gauges and some Line Charts variation.
Bug VI-7281

Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Spelling mistakes, misplaced punctuation, and capitalization now fixed in the Welcome to Geneos and Active Dashboards dockables. Listed below are the updated sections:

  • Welcome to Geneos > Help and Getting Started tab
  • Welcome to Geneos > Connecting to a Gateway Tab
  • Welcome to Geneos > Setting up the State Tree
  • Welcome to Geneos > Running Commands
  • Welcome to Geneos > Designing Custom Views
  • Welcome to Geneos > Dockable Framework
  • Active Dashboard and Palette


Story VI-7276

Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Changes the displayed text field message 'Multiple Text Layouts Selected!' to 'Multiple Objects Selected'.
Bug VI-7274 Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

3D shapes for data items are now being selected when double clicking from Paths dockable.
Story VI-7268 Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Active Console only subscribes to the dataviews that contain snoozed cells when a path like the following is used in an Active Dashboard modifier or a List View:


Same with other boolean type data item properties, when set to true its value is equivalent to 1 ( state("snoozed")="1" ) and when set to false its value is equivalent to 0 ( state("snoozed")="0" )

Story VI-7265 Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Gateways can be dragged inside the 'Invoke Selection' URL element.
Story VI-7236 Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

It is possible to add hyperlinks to dashboard objects that invoke user commands (on data items), for example snooze, sample now, or restart probe.
Bug VI-7175

Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

On the List View context menu, Modes should no longer have duplicate items.
Bug VI-2520 Webslinger F42 issue that was causing Webslinger to present the wrong credentials to all Gateway connections if the credentials for the last connection in the setup were incorrect.
Bug VI-2373

Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

If multiple text objects expose their settings to the parent dashboard group, the dialog works correctly.
Bug VI-7

Active Console 2,

Gateway Setup Editor

Re-populates a specific chart with historic data now works for User Defined context menu.
Bug COL-6230 MDM Plug-in Updates the Feed:getStatus() value to "Connection dropped" when connection was lost with Feed already started.
Bug COL-6203 API Stream Fixes the incorrect statistics in API Stream debug dataview.
Story COL-6054 Hardware Plug-in Updates the Hardware Plugin cpuClockSpeed to display the max speed frequency of first CPU found by Netprobe.
Bug COL-6020 Hardware Plug-in Redirects error messages coming from ntpq to avoid flooding the stderr.
Bug COL-5770 Fix Analyser 2 Plug-in Adds the rollover support for Fix analyser2 and File Agent.
Story COL-5757 MDM Plug-in Includes the ICE Feed adapter shared library to official build and delivered item.
Bug COL-3312 JMX Plug-in Netprobe no longer crashes when there is a SIGBUS error during JVM creation.
Bug AA-4316 Gateway The WARN message logged when a Root CA Certificate has been successfully read by the Gateway has been downgraded to an INFO message.
Bug AA-4286 Schema

Sets the following boolean defaults in the Gateway schema:

  • Command - Args - Concatenate: Set to 'false'
  • Active Time - Scheduled period - Override: Set to 'false'
  • Active Time - Scheduled period - Invert: Set to 'false'
Bug AA-4258 Gateway No changes. This story only concerns ATS tests.
Story AA-4225 Gateway The default shell is now used when running script actions and script effects on the Gateway. This provides consistent behaviour between actions run on the Gateway and on the Netprobe, allows full control of the arguments passed to the script and allows redirection of the output.
Story AA-4224 Gateway

Command arguments for User Commands are passed verbatim to the target executable on both Gateway and Netprobe. No escaping or any manipulation of the arguments takes place. As a result, command arguments are treated in the same way regardless of the run location (Netprobe or Gateway):

  • The first argument needs to be an executable or the path to an executable. It can be constructed via concatenation.
  • Redirection, pipes etc will no longer work. To maintain such behaviour, they need to be executed as part of a shell script.
  • Any workarounds that were needed to escape characters, add quotes or pass empty arguments or spaces are no longer required. Existing commands that make use of those workarounds would need to be re-examined.

Windows Netprobe is unaffected by this change.

Bug COL-1966 Netprobe See AA-4224.
Bug AA-4214 Gateway See AA-4224.
Bug AA-923 Gateway See AA-4224.
Bug AA-721 Gateway See AA-4224.
Bug AA-329 Gateway See AA-4224.
Story AA-4223 Gateway

When a command is configured to provide a list of options for user input, if one of the options has a label without a value, this option will be omitted and a validation warning will be provided. (Previously, there would be no warning and the entire command would be omitted.)

The same set of user input options is now available for tasks as for commands, including "XPath options", which provide a dynamic set of options based on values taken from a dataview.


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